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Elisan mokkula ( in English )

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Please translate this to Finnish!!
Kuopio Finland

SG Bits/Bytes Conversion Calculator
on the left are bits and bytes on the right
1754 kbps down (~1.75 Mbps, 214 KB/s) ↓
686 kbps up (~0.69 Mbps, 84 KB/s) ↑
my results I use Saunalahti. 2 megabytes in one megabyte out ( sopimus )
it's 87,5% of the promised 2 megabytes. I am happy with this.
Elisa gave me an average download speed of 1-2 kilobytes per second.
2% at best of what I paid for. This was on January 29 2008
I used their service on January 29 for 5 hours and wanted to return the modem and cancel the contract next morning. No fucking way with the Elisa robbers.
Now they want 39,19 Euro from me and I don't use their service
I was taking ofline ( I asked for it )on February 21 and I paid 15,61 Euro for the time of January 29 - February 29.
their argument: " But you signed a 2 year contract ".
Well assholes and you promised me a download speed of 2 megabytes and I got at best only 2% of that speed.
Then their argument: " Maximum speed can not be guaranteed at all times due to the structure of the net traffic ".
Well asshole the maximum speed is just an example but what is your average speed? 2% of the maximum?
My old ADSL Saunalahti connection gives me an average of at least 80% of the maximum. How does this compare with your 2% ?
" We promise that in the future our service will be better ".
No thanks. I can see already now how your service has got " better " by the fact that you put me back online without my permission and charge me 39,19 Euro for a service I don't use.
You want money for nothing.
We called this robbery in my youth.
I can pay you for your stupid modem I don't need for a service I don't use and I think I should not even do this. You broke the contract by giving me only 2% of what our contract is promising and don't try to split hairs with " maximum speed can't be always guaranteed at all times ". Assholes!!

2 (megabits) = 244,14 kilobytes = 0.23842 Megabytes
1 megabit = 122.07 kilobytes = 0.11921 Megabytes
Elisa mokkula is cheating. You might get good results doing a online test but its longer time performance .... watch what happen after 10 minutes or after one hour or after 2 hours. This company should be sued for misleading the public and cheating people out of their money while providing only a fraction of the download speed they promise.

More data

My own speedtest. Elisa assholes were talking of maximum speeds. I just compared Elisa mokkula with Saunalahti ADSL and Saunalahti is not the quickest.
So on youtube Elisa mokkula was 22,5 times slower then it should be and downloading a zip file took Elisa mokkula 8,57 longer then should have taken. And I am not talking of maximum speeds but of actual real speeds. Thanks for listening and please translate to Finnish

Elisan mokkula huijaus

Nyt tule Elisan spami.
Mitä he ajattelevat että voi varasta 100.000 Suomalaisesta raha ja ei ketä tee mitä?
Alusta se oli 12-25 hidampi ja myhomin sen mokkulan nopeus oli 1-2 kilo Byte per sekunti.

eli huonompi kuin joku 56kb modeemi. Mutten mulla on ollut 1 Mb sopimus. Elisa katkaisi mun Internetti ja nyt ne halua mina maksan joka kuukausi 19,95 Euro vaikka mulla ei ole Elisa Internet.
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