Corrupt Referees: Lars Brüggemann (Germany) & Keith Kaval (USA)


An an American ice hockey fan, I can't believe what I just witnessed at the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship Final between Team Finland and Russia. The referees Lars Brüggemann (1976; Hemer, Germany) and Keith Kaval (USA) were CLEARLY being paid for their calls on the ice by the Russians...

They gave Team Finland completely UNFAIR penalties throughout the game. Team Russia won the match with goals during those powerplays. And these two amateurs didn't give penalties to Russia when they should have - for example, in the 1st period Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) hit Finland's Erik Haula (Minnesota Wild) in the face hard with his stick, and no penalty was called?

There's something seriously wrong with the IIHF and their choice of referees. These games were played in Minsk, Belarus, and there's no doubt that these referees were corrupt and being paid large sums of money by a secret party.

This is not sports anymore. Disgusting!

Also 2 other referees were clearly being paid by a third party to give ridiculous penalties. These are the Swedish amateur referees Marcus Vinnerborg (1972; Ljungby, Sweden) and Mikael Nord.




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    • Greg

      And, congrats Team Finland, you are the REAL WINNER of the Gold medal! What can you do when the corrupt referees play for Russia... nothing of course.

      • Pettu

        Except play excellent ice hockey and that they did! No outer help needed.

      • 1+19

      • tussukka1

        thans, ifeel the same

      • tussukka1
        Pettu kirjoitti:

        Except play excellent ice hockey and that they did! No outer help needed.



      The finnish news paper is writing totaly same words as you just said. I hope that this case will not be forgotten and that there will be a lot of publicity around what just happened! FUCK IIHF.

    • Dirty icehockey

      Its time to get rid of these corrupt referees.

      And its time to clean up the corrupted IIHF.

      Lars Brüggemann

      Keith Kaval

      Marcus Vinnerborg

      Mikael Nord

      These referees must be punished.

      The gold medal goes to Finland because the Russian coach in breach of his penalty was instructing the Russian icehockey team from his seat in the arena.

      The Icehockey World Championships in Minsk is a disgrace to world icehockey.

      • vodka zvorak

        Russian head coach look like totally alcoholic .

      • Reindeer
        vodka zvorak kirjoitti:

        Russian head coach look like totally alcoholic .

        He is! Hobo on the beatch!!

      • Reindeer
        Reindeer kirjoitti:

        He is! Hobo on the beatch!!

        I ment beach:-)

      • Yap
        Reindeer kirjoitti:

        I ment beach:-)

        Actually hobo/moron at the bitch:-)

    • ÖöSuoli24Nimimerkki

      Refpuck, but what can you do.
      "Skoda Cup" has had some pretty sketchy refs during the last years, so this years finals aren't a suprise to me atleast.
      Yes I am mad and frustrated, but really I think Russia would've won without the ref bribing.

      • Fuck the Russia

        Yep, but now we can't know that. And I think Finns played fucking great and in the end they still had much more power in their legs than anyone in the Russian team. Finnish team's game was getting better and better the whole time.

    • Pettu

      I wrote a news tip for Finnish TV producer MTV3, BBC Sports and CNN, so they'd bring this situation out for bigger audience. Odds aren't big, but at least I tried. If there's enough people complaining about this injustice, they won't be able to just sit and be silent. The judge game was absolutely ridiculous, I can't believe something like this still happens in the modern world. Shameful.

      • Pettu

        Thank you for taking the time to submit your news tip to CNN. This message is your confirmation that we have successfully received it. A CNN representative will be in touch with you if we are interested in exploring your tip and require additional information."

        Please, do.

    • like1

      Lol. Stop it already. Reffs don't score the goals. If Finland's goalkeeper couldn't save the team or defence players for that matter, stop blaming it on some money paid by Russians. It's pathetic. Or people will start wonder how much Finland paid to win the game with Check Republic. I bet if Finland would win, none of you would even think of saying that it was unfair game or judgement. Russia won, deal with it. Move on and get a life. Next year Finland will get another chance, the same as every other team. Finland team could've been out way before semi finals. Learn to be thankful.

      • hande7

        It doesn't matter which way around it would have been or what the result were. That kind of hideous judge game would still be against the fair game. The Finnish team got (one of the) the best goal keeper of the tournament, but how could you expect him to save the game when there's one player less half the time - mostly for absolutely ridiculous reasons? Of course it affects the game, you can't just say "well, your own fault, be better", when the other team has such a great benefit. It was obvious the judges were biased and not only in this game.

      • Are U Sure?

        "I bet if Finland would win, none of you would even think of saying that it was unfair game or judgement", I wouldnt be so sure about that, In Finland we value justice and fairness pretty high, Winning any means neccessery is definetly not finnish way.

      • Matttttttt

        Stuff yours, you are a stupid ass, LOL :)

      • Horge

        Fuck you!

      • hockey fan

        The point really isn't that the Russian players weren't great or that they could not have won a clean game, the point is that foul play ruined their win.

        The players would all have deserved a game by the rules. Not this farce.

        The Russian coach was obviously cheating on the rules anyway - a reason enough in my opinion to disqualify them. The bad referees might just be bad amateurs - but they were totally catastrophically bad.

        That they manipulated the times and numbers during the game was also a disgrace to how a game should be played at this level. This isn't rural hockey on a frozen lake somewhere up north - it's suppose to be the highest level of hockey in the world...

      • like1 is stupid

        Sorry, but you're.. umm... stupid! A Russian maybe?
        Please : "They gave Team Finland completely UNFAIR penalties throughout the game. Team Russia won the match with goals during those powerplays. And these two amateurs didn't give penalties to Russia when they should have - for example, in the 1st period Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) hit Finland's Erik Haula (Minnesota Wild) in the face hard with his stick, and no penalty was called?"
        Is this fair? If the referees wanted Finland to win, and did that same thing to Russia, would you be like "ooh we lost! :O Finland is definitely a better team, and cross checking in the face is totally okay..."
        YOU should "move on, and get a life"...

      • HockeyPro

        You just don't get it do you? It's not a question of who won, but who won HOW! Now, Finns are known as fair and honest and straight-forward people. This is also one of their remarkable features as sportsmen. Finns just can't enjoy playing a rigged game. The Russians, however, are ready to stoop to any low measures in order to have the pathetic title. Now, the Russian team is the laughing-stock of all serious hockey fans. They just couldn't do it without the referees helping them. Bad thing is what this means to the game. Corrupt refs destroying the game.

      • hockeyfan

        Our team just played as good as they could . All our money (euros) since several years has gone to save the wining Greeks. If they play fair as Sweden and Canada do - ever better!

      • Hockey<3

        lol! retard.. did you even look at the game? the referees did huge misstakes! russia did most goals when referees gave the stupid penelties and they made misstakes like when russia did a goal when finland played 3 against 5 but if you look at the game you will see that the first peneltie ended a sec before they did the goal so the goal should have heppend at 4 against 5 wich means they should have let the last player out when they scored.. but they only let 1 player out so finland had to play 4 against 5 (if you count the referees it's 4 against 7 :P) in 40-45 second more then they suposed to.. and thats only one of the mistakes the referees did.. and i live in sweden and trust me, sweden and finland hate each other when it comes to hockey so i don't defend them for no reson.. just wanted to point that out.. and if this would have been sweden instead of finland i would have been sooooo fvuuvcking pissed!!!! i would'nt accept all misstakes that the referees did!! and i bet if it would have been your country you would have whine and cried and bitched about it more than the finns do but now you defend the retarded referees, i don't know for sure but i guess you'r from usa or germany so you defend the referees because you are embarresed about the referees coming from your country, or maybe you'r just a russian and you are embarresed because you know that russia didn't win by fair game/play.. anyways... and by the way, i wouldn't accept the coach cheating either, even tho i don't think finland lost because of it.. it's just that rules are suposed to be followed, and you should honor the punishment you get.. very bad behavior... i don't belive that finland lost because znarkov comunicated with his team, i just woulnd't accept it because sweden honored the rules and i know for sure finland would have honored it if it was finlands coach that wasn't allowed to talk with their team.. Give the gold to Finland, they are the real winners and they deserved the gold for sure!

      • tussukka 1

        are you fucking stupid

      • tussukka1

        russian team was a laughing stock

    • Gold for Finland

      When the game is rigged you dont get a second chance.

      And this was a rigged game.

      Referees didnt score the goals, but they assisted in them by giving time and space for the Russian team to score in powerplay.

      Finlands team got penalties mostly for no real reason. While at the same time the Russian team could proceed unhindered even when they committed offenses.

      The IIHF referee work is a disgrace to world icehockey.

      They need to clean up their house.

    • Killer69

      Lars and Keith is d...! F...!

      • sessan53

        Putin gave some bakshis, bakshis? Pleasing Russia after they have done. Ukraina, Krim, next is sure Finland my home.Where have they found those idiotic refrees?How much have they themselves been playing ice hockey

      • Siberia
        sessan53 kirjoitti:

        Putin gave some bakshis, bakshis? Pleasing Russia after they have done. Ukraina, Krim, next is sure Finland my home.Where have they found those idiotic refrees?How much have they themselves been playing ice hockey

        For you to know - Russian (Anus Mundi)!

      • Siberia
        Siberia kirjoitti:

        For you to know - Russian (Anus Mundi)!

        Sorry typo: Russia!

    • C'mon it was disgust

      Someone should do a montage of these ridiculous penalty calls and also the ridiculous uncalled fouls to Youtube to provoke further discussion. The game felt really unfair. Fair loss, I wouldn't have any problems with that.

      In the end you just shoot a puck in the net, is it such a big deal you'll have to bribe the referees and ruin the game?

      It would have been close game otherwise and I couldn't say which team would have won.

    • follow the money

      Lars Brüggemann played laos in Sochi.
      Check penalty statistics of Russia -Slovakia.
      Did Lars give penalties to Slovaks?
      The history should checked thoroughly.

      Putin is billionaire, some referees may make millions?
      Is German tax record available about Brüggemann?

      • Alpenrose

        Putin is nowadays called Putler. Criminal and lunatic! And gay as well...

    • Kurt

      Greetings from Sweden. Russia is a great hockeyteam with a lot of skill, but I have never seen such unsporting behaviour, cheating and diving throughout the game. The refs must have been bribed! Unbelievable poor performance by the refs where every single call during 60 minutes went unfairly against Finland, they even invented a two minutes and one second minor penalty to make the finn stay in the penalty box after the two dives that lead to 5 against 3 and 3-2 to Russia. The statistics was then altered after the game finished!

      We as hockeyfans need to make sure that the sport we love is cleaned up. Things like this should not happen year 2014.

      • f..k

        Sucks Lars and Keith !!!

      • Pineapple12

        'The statistics was then altered after the game finished!'. Tell more please.

      • female hockey fan

        Hej Kurt,

        Tack så mycket för din uppslutning. Du har det rätt. Allt det bäst för Sverige.


      The point is not who won, point is in equal opportunity to win the game. Same rules for everyone.

      This year was terrible:
      1. Games were played in belarus (dictatorship)
      2. Referees were unprofessional (not only in Fin vs Rus)
      3. Finals were all about politics and corruption
      4. IIHF is in Putins leach

      If you say that Russia was the best team anyway, you don't support this style of tournament. U might like to change this tournament that every team plays one game against every team and then who got most points is the winner?
      This is play-off kind of tournament and i like it! Win the right games. Isn't it more exciting this way?

    • corruption?
      • Pineapple12


    • Spidy

      We may never know the truth about the statistics being altered after or during the game, but a finnish presenter said during the match that the statistics indicated that Team Finlands first penalty (5 vs. 3 powerplay) ended before the goal was made, but corrected this later during the match so that it was made during the last second of the penalty. His mistake or were the official statistics altered during the game to cover up the blunder (or to deliberately favor Team Russia)? Unless an official timekeeper/referee of the match spills the beans, we may never know.

      It is very sad we have to even think about the possibility that the game was rigged. At the very least, the referees were not of the same caliber as the game, e.g. the american referee Keith Kaval was a ECHL and AHL referee, not a NHL professional. Maybe next time we can have some respected professional referees (NHL and KHL) instead of these guys.

    • Jesss

      Bravo, Greg!

    • adm

      Typical of russians.Nation of whores and thieves.Rigged game with bought zebras.Just plain pathetic.

    • HockeyPro

      Well - you have to be blind not to notice that the game was rigged! No doubt about it! Now, Russians, how does it feel to be Champions in a rigged game? Not too good, eh? The moral winner is, of course, team Finland. Russian players, although displaying considerable skill, are the laughing-stock of ice-hockey fans all over the world! The Finns have a reputation of being honest and straight-forward players, never known to take a dive. They are the REAL Champions! Yeah, the Russians are pathetic and worthless.

      • tussukka1

        olen samaa mieltä, toivottavasti ei venäläis pelaajat paljon kehu menestyksellään.

    • Greg

      Hi all! Happy to see that I'm not the only one who wants justice.

      IIHF, before the game: "As a result of his suspension the Team Russia coach Oleg Znarok will not be allowed to be involved with the team in ANY MANNER prior to, or during the game. This also includes any post-game ceremonies."

      As you all witnessed, Znarok BROKE THE RULES multiple times: He communicated with a radio phone to his team throughout the match. The assistant coach of Russia had a mic on his sleeve.

      In the Rulebook it said that "any official, or player, who is suspended may not interfere or communicate in the game in any way. If more than two has been breaking that rule it is a Disqualification."

      So what does this mean exactly? I'm under the impression that Russia will get their gold medals taken away, and Finland wins?

      I hope IIHF takes action... Completely dirty game! Never seen anything like this before in the world of professional ice hockey.

      Here are the email addresses of the IIHF Managers/Council:

    • pissed off hockeyfan

      I'm a Finnish ice hockey fan who returned to watch the World Ice Hockey Championship games after 19 years and I wish I hadn't. Those referees Bruggemann and Kaval make me sick and it was obvious that they were paid! >:( I hope that Russia gets disqualified especially since their head coach Oleg Znarok broke the rules by still communicating with his team even though he had been suspended by the IIHF Disciplinary Panel from participating in the gold medal game. But I also think that's not Russia gets to keep their dirty gold medals but the silver ones our boys had achieved are much, much more valuable and deserved.

    • Hitlerin ratkaisu
    • Contact IIHF Council

      CORRUPTED REFEREES IN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ICE HOCKEY IN MINSK, 2014 - Lars Brüggemann (Germany) & Keith Kaval (USA)


      ON YOUTUBE -


      • pampam

        tehty. done that.

    • europe

      As long as Russia doesnt take care of its own people. I mean asylum seekers in Europe etc. they shouldnt be allowed to compete in any international competitions. They could compete against their new Friends China instead. Nothing to do with the civilized world.

    • ripe1

      And now, New "Mercedes Benz" cars all hockeyteam members of Russia..... DONT FORGOTTEN REFEREES ......PUT IN.

    • hitlerkuuleeasiasta
    • Putins money

      Haistakaa vattu stnan tuomarit!!!

      Fck you referees!!!

    • gasmoney

      Soon we see cccp. Putin do what he want and everybody just looking tv. Should we do something real? Ideas?

    • 2253

      Finland won, russia disqualified, according to IIHF own page:

      As a result of the suspension Znarok and Gronborg will not be allowed to be involved with the team in any manner prior to or during the game. This also includes any post-game ceremonies.

      and also IIHF rulebook

      and if that aint enough the REFS....

      thats the fact

    • Greg

      Ok guys, so now we now (from a statement by the Minnesota Wild) that Erik Haula, who left right after the playoffs to represent Team Finland in the world championships, BROKE his jaw in the Gold medal game against Russia when he was cross-checked in the face by the dirty Russian Evgeni Malkin.

      And NO PENALTY was called by the corrupt referees Lars Brüggemann (Germany) and Keith Kaval (USA).

      Fight the Power: (René Fasel)

    • tussukka1

      i agree, what a pussy like referees

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