The human body heat into electricity charging the mobile phone a


In daily life, cell phone batteries bring us many troubled, light is trouble, heavy then miss the good opportunity. If the human body heat into current, as long as the light touch the cell phone battery, can be completed charging, we wouldn't have to worry about the cell phone battery has no electricity.
The latest edition of the journal "nano communications magazine published in the United States at wake forest university nanotechnology and molecular materials research center of the latest results-use nanometer technology for charging the mobile phone.
6 the forestry university this technology will fine carbon nanotubes in flexible plastic fiber fixed, the surface fiber has given people the feeling and similar cloth. This kind of technology using temperature difference, such as room and human body temperature difference between to create charge. Because the main body heat release part is the skin, when the environment temperature below the body temperature, the body heat through the skin will radiation, conduction will convection hot off.
In the market is needed before a lot of improvement. In real life, we waste a lot of heat exists in the form of energy, such as car tail gas. Although these thermal energy recovery technology is not developed, but he is still very potential energy access method. The technology potential applications including automobile seatcover, clothes lining, etc.
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