Wi-Fi new technology or allows handset battery life time doubled


According to the American technology blog TechCrunch reports, duke university computer department graduate student Justin • Orville mann's (Justin Manwelier) has developed a cell phone accessories called the software, is expected to allows the double the battery life time.
Wi-Fi wireless technology to users in many of the convenient and at the same time, there are also a big defects. For example, users in the latest video download, not only to download files with other large capacity of users to share Wi-Fi resources, but also greatly battery energy consumption. Orville mann's cell phone battery software is expected to ease user this poverty, allows handset battery life time doubled. The software can make Wi-Fi equipment in increased bandwidth before and has been in standby mode.
This means that the user may have to wait a few minutes to continue to watch video, but they'll improve battery life time. SleepWell software helps to make information download maximize efficiency, it will be around the equipment to perform download, mobile phone users to Wi-Fi equipment to indicate. Most Wi-Fi in nearby download information equipment must be "stay awake", in the process of battery energy consume.
Orville mobile phone cases, said: "SleepWell installed software Wi-Fi equipment can stagger their active cycle, with other equipment will download information overlaps time to lowest level, eventually save battery energy, and the influence on the performance of the equipment can be ignored."
Wi-Fi location equipment also designer iphone cases affects their performance, in the crowded places (such as city), the longer the time consuming download information. At the same time, with cloud computing increasingly popular, users connect to Wi-Fi wireless network reason more as well. Mann, says Orville, let a support Wi-Fi equipment is in standby mode, iphone 4 charger until another device download, it will also increase the devices of the battery life time. It is not clear SleepWell software released a specific time.
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