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Step inside American Pharoah's 'Shore house'
Kelly John Breen, 46, seems like any other guy from the Jersey Shore. He’s been married to his wife, Melissa, since 1998, and the couple has three children — Tiffany, 15, KJ, 11, and Declan, 2. “We had to get an easy date I could remember — 8/8/98,” Breen says of his Spring Lake wedding. The family loves spending time on the beach, especially Mantoloking and Point Pleasant. For date night, Kelly and Melissa enjoy Eagle Oaks Golf Course in Farmingdale, where they live, and Anjelica’s in Sea Bright. They really are a typical Jersey Shore family — but only to a point. Kelly, who grew up in Old Bridge, met Melissa, a Jersey City native, back in 1988 at a bar near the Meadowlands. “I would go there to gamble and then head to 20 North — that’s where we met,” Melissa says. MRS_4594 At the time, Kelly was an exercise rider at the Meadowlands Racetrack. He got his start riding in Marlboro as a kid after visiting the track with his parents. Now, Kelly’s gearing up to host American Pharaoh inside his barn at Monmouth Park. The Triple Crown winner is competing in the William Hill Haskell Invitational on Aug. 2 in Oceanport. “We have one of the premiere spots at Monmouth,” Kelly says of his barn. Formally, it’s referred to as the Kelly John Breen Racing Stables, but over the years, the barn’s earned the nickname “Hotel California.” “Lots of horses have come to us from there,” he explains. “American Pharoah is coming from San Diego.” The highly anticipated horse makes his Jersey Shore arrival on July 29, and Kelly’s not the only family member preparing for the event. Melissa, who does all Kelly’s bookkeeping, pay roll and billing, holds things down at home while her husband works 14-hour days, Mondays through Sundays. She’s most looking forward to finding a fashionable hat for the Haskell, an event that’s expected to draw 60,000 spectators, according to Kelly. The best of both worlds How did Breen attract American Pharoah’s attention? The famed trainer has built up quite a reputation in the horse-racing world. “I had the opportunity to be assistant trainer for New Farm, out of Medford,” he says. “Ebby Novack had the farm, and he ran his horses at Monmouth. I worked for them from 1994 to 2000, built up my stable and went out on my own.” By 2005, he was a leading trainer in New Jersey. By 2007, he trained for George Hall, a Rumson resident, finance mogul and renowned horse owner. Hall’s prized possessions include Ruler on Ice, the 2011 Belmont Stakes winner, and Pants on Fire, who won the Louisiana Derby that same year. “We made a good alliance,” Kelly says.. After spending a year and a half training solely for Hall, Kelly opened his stable back up. He now works with eight owners, including Hall and his 20 horses. Such a job comes with its price. The Breens have residences in Jersey and Florida. Their children attend school down south, which means the husband and wife are sometimes living apart. This makes family life a bit of a juggle, especially for Melissa, who keeps a positive mentality and works hard to keep Kelly’s stress level to a minimum. “I get on her nerves enough to where she says I am her fourth child,” Kelly says with a laugh. “It’s one less to clean up after.” Of their time apart, Melissa says, “It’s like having a boyfriend ... we have a lot more to say to each other. It’s pretty darn good.” A family affair The upcoming Haskell will be a family affair, minus Tiffany, who won’t be in town for the event. That doesn’t mean she isn’t into the sport. In addition to being an avid horse photographer, the teen rides and jumps. Son KJ, though, isn’t as fascinated as his sister. “My son used to come to the barn, watch a couple races,” Kelly says. “We would have to bribe him to come, take him to Toys R Us.” When it came to luring American Pharoah, there were no games involved. “Bob Baffert (American Pharoah’s trainer) was interested,” Kelly says. “He won the Haskell seven times. About four have been out of our barn ... we figured if American Pharoah was coming, he would probably come to Hotel California.” Kelly says there’s a good vibe surrounding the horse, the racetrack and the event in general. “American Pharoah looks awesome,” he says. “I was there on Belmont Day when he won the Triple Crown,” Kelly says. “This is a big boost for Monmouth Park and Monmouth County. Friends of mine who don’t know much about the track are talking about the Haskell.” What’s he most excited about? “You only get to see one or so of these horses in a lifetime,” Kelly says. “To be around a Triple Crown winner, it’s really awesome. It’s a part of greatness.” As for his wife? “We’re trying to get a table for a couple of friends,” she says. “The Haskell is always an event, but this year, it will be multiplied by 20. The horse is a celebrity, part of history. I’m looking forward to getting the kids’ pictures taken with him — those pictures will be cherished.” Melissa points out, in true female fashion, that
A Tale of Two Phone Ads!
<P>Imagine a high-profile smartphone advertisement with no reference whatsoever to the phone’s display, processor, RAM or any other service or app on it? Sounds suicidal? Well, two very high profile phones have walked the no-spec way in the past week or so. And in very different ways.</P> <P>On the one hand, you had the iPhone 6 (with its distributor Ingram Micro) from Leo Burnett India, whose TV commercial, which revolved around a traditional Indian wedding, in which the groom and bride correspond with each other using an iPhone 6 as they come closer to the moment of their wedded union.</P> <P>On the other, you had the Micromax Canvas Sliver 5 TV ad by Lowe Lintas and Partners, which showed Hugh Jackman breaking out of prison in a foreign locale, with just a little help from a super thin and rather tough phone – the Canvas Sliver 5.</P> <P>Cue the contradictions:</P> <P>We had a phone from the US highlighting an Indian tradition, we had an Indian phone whose ad had very little Indian about it.</P> <P>We had a US phone ad with no celebrity. We had an Indian phone ad with one of the biggest names in Hollywood.</P> <CENTER><IMG style="HEIGHT: 373px; WIDTH: 530px" border=1 alt=Screenshot_2015-07-24-08-59-55-024 src="" width=600 height=280></CENTER> <P>We had one rather quiet commercial, trying to highlight a slice of life in a very important day of every Indian. We had another that was way out loud Hollywood with thrills and action aplenty.</P> <P>One commercial tried to create a slightly rosy hued version of something that one sees every day. The other was blatantly over the top and unreal.</P> <P>“It is a simple human story beautifully told and it is as Indian as it can get,” read the note that accompanied one of the ads. “Wolverine star…in a spell bounding storyline…shot like an action packed thriller” were the words in the release that came with the other.</P> <P>read more: <A href=""></A></P>

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