• Hei!
    I am a German student (22 years old) and will come to Helsinki in Mid of April 2015 to do an internship in the German Embassy until the end of July. I will most likely study my Master studies in Helsinki later (I applied for 3 programmes), but since I cannot apply to HOAS at the moment I am looking for an apartment to sub rent over summer or to move together with someone!
    A shared apartment would be great, because I would like to get to know new people, improve my Finnish and find new friends. I am friendly, tidy, I already speak some Finnish and I don't smoke. I would prefer to live somewhere close to the city center and the max. I can afford for rent is 400€.

    So if anyone of you spends the summer somewhere else and wants to sub rent his room from Mid (or if not other possible from the beginning of) April - end of July or if anyone would move together with me, please write me and I will tell you more about me! Kiitos :)

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  • Hey! :)
    Do you know the site ?
    There are many people - students, workers, etc. - renting rooms all over finland, also in helsinki! You should check that out. If you need help with translating (almost everything in finnish), let me know if i can help :) message me here!

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