My Cottage Trip


My Cottage Trip

I’ve missed you so much, you wouldn’t even believe it. I love every bit of you, and I want you to love me back, too. I know this is not the usual me talking, but bear with me. I need this, you want this, and you want me, too. That’s how it’s always been, right?

This girl has a lot more inside her than you’d think. I just don’t want to come out sentimental or weak, so that’s why I’m hiding most of my inner thoughts. But, now that I’m alone in this twilight room, relaxed, without any pressure, I’m going to be straight and honest.
I’m just playing with my thoughts here, so if you don’t comprehend everything that I’m saying, please interrupt me.

I want to tell you this story, because I haven’t seen you for a while, and you know what loneliness does to imagination...

This adventure takes place at an old cottage somewhere in Southern Finland. It’s the summer time, a Friday night, and the four of us, you (my love), your two friends Joe and Jimi, and me.
If it wasn’t for the realistic side of me, I’d include all the men in the world to this story, but in this case, I’ll stick with three (three is also a lot to handle).

In case someone wants to know something about my figure, I’ll describe my looks a bit. My height is about 5’ 3” and I’d say I’m not slim, but not of the heavy side, either. I think my bod is quite nice with my round butt and bosom. My hair is light brown, quite long and always open. My eyes are big and my visage is pretty cute. I smile a lot, and I love to flirt.

My man, let’s call him Matt, is quite tall, some 6’ 7” (I love ‘em big), and his frame is somewhat stout. He’s a blond, blue-eyed Finn, who doesn’t talk too much, but doesn’t have anything to hide, either.

Joe is a little smaller, but very attractive with his teasing eyes and humor. Jimi is of the quiet type, very strict and manly. Almost what you would call a suit. But in a funny way, I find him rather appealing.

So, we’re at Jimi’s old cottage by the lake. The sun has just gone down, but there’s still a bit of light left, and you can sense the warmth of June. The grass tickles my bare feet as I pace through the yard to the lakeshore for cider, that’s being chilled in the water. I’m wearing loose jeans and a tight flower blouse.

The boys are hanging at the porch, listening to music and playing cards. “You’d better watch your sipping on that cider, honey, or else you’ll get tipsy,” comments Matt, grinning at my two bottles dripping with water. “Yeah? Well, isn’t that the idea? We’re on a holiday, baby,” I reply.
“Kidding,” Matt exclaims. I step over to the porch to see how the game is going, having everything else on my mind than poker. I sit next to Matt and start brushing against his leg. Jimi and Joe exchange a dallying smirk.

“I think the sauna’s ready now, if you two wanna go,” proposes Joe.
“Great. Let’s go, Matt,” I suggest, smiling.
Matt goes inside for accessories and towles and says: ”You go first, honey. I’ll be there in a jiffy.”

I walk to the separate, wooden sauna building and start to undress. Thank goodness I had shaved myself that morning. I bet my boyfriend was going to love my trimmed little triangle.

I wash myself with a bucketful of fresh lake water and go inside the steaming sauna. As I lay there with my eyes closed, totally serene and cozy, I hear someone walking in the dressing room.

“Is it you, Matt?” I ask, heartily.
“Yep, and I’ve got a couple ot guys with me, if you don’t mind,” replies Matt with an amused tone in his voice. Instantly, I sit up and cover my chest. Bare naked, Matt, Jimi and Joe enter the sauna as if it wasn’t a thing.

Coyly, I make room for everybody and try not to stare at Matt’s buddies. Not that they’re trying to avoid staring at me. In fact, my heart starts racing as I feel the measuring, curious looks on me. But I don’t dislike it, either.

Matt is sitting right next to me, probably to make me feel easier with his friends. Slowly, he starts kissing me. Forced by the excitement, I release myself to kiss him back. I feel his lips on my shoulder, moving lower to my chest. As I stop hiding it with my hands, Matt starts feeling my waist with his strong hands, and finally, my breasts. I gently kiss his slippery, salty neck, getting more and more aroused.

Suddenly, Matt stands up and goes to sit behind me, so I’m now resting between Jimi and Matt. Joe is sitting in the corner.

I’m feeling a bit shy as I see both Jimi and Joe gazing at me. Matt is feeling my stomach and chest from behind, and I’m not even trying to stop him. Maybe I should’ve been more careful with the cider?

I notice that Jimi’s getting worked up because of our playing. I give him a smile and say:
“If it’s alright with Matt, I’d like you to join our fun.”

Pleased by my suggestion, Jimi advances me and starts kissing on my leg from toe to knee. As both are caressing me in the heat of the sauna, I start to get sweaty and moist. I can nearly feel myself flowing. Jimi takes his hands and spreads my legs an inch, only so as to reach my treasure with his fingers. I start panting and moaning as he smoothly rubs me.

At this point, I give him a hand and spread my legs even more. Jimi goes down to give it a nice kiss. I feel his tongue working there, making his face all soaked in me, and at the same time, Matt’s finger playing with my clit.

I’m keeping my eyes closed, totally concentrating on the pleasure, while I notice Joe’s hands groping my body.

“I want your pussy,” Joe whispers, and shoves Jimi aside to climb on top of me. When I see his hard cock standing in front of me, I forget all my objections and let him do whatever he wants. It goes inside easily because of the wetness. Slowly in and out, hearts racing, gasping for air.

At the same time, I’m stroking my baby’s sweaty cock with my hand, licking and kissing it every now and then. Joes’s race grows faster and faster, and I can see he’s about to come.

“Please, not inside,” I ask, and instantly he pulls it out to give himself a five-second handjob and comes right on my chest and face. That boy is totally in need of a shower, and so he gets out of the room.

“Thanks a lot,” I murmur and get up, too. “Let’s go for a swim.”
Everybody gets out of the sauna and takes a towel, but Jimi and Joe go inside the cottage to boost the fire up a bit.

“Are you okay, baby?” Matt inquires on our way to the boat pier. I snicker at his silly question and kiss him. “You bet,” I remark and take a soothing jump in the lake.

I can see Matt’s yearning for more. That’s when I dive to kiss his gorgeous body under water. When I get up to get some air, he takes a firm hold of me and, surprisingly, lets it slide within. Despite the coolness, he manages to stay hard as steel and fuck me eagerly.

It feels so different in the water, amazing, light as a feather. I make Matt slow down to enjoy it, not rush it. The atmosphere is breathtaking. My love and me in the clear water, swans flying in the afterglow against the sky. As we’re whirling in the lake, the temperature gets colder and sadly, we have to go inside.

Dressed in a night gown, I walk into the cottage. The fireplace is glowing and oozing with heat. Joe and Jimi are tasting beer with only towels wrapped around their hips. I see a ready-made bed just by the fire, and go lying on it. Matt goes upstairs to change and leaves me in the exposure of two of the most sexiest guys I know. I take off my gown and let the fire warm my skin.

I take a look at Jimi and hint: “We’re not finished yet.”
Jimi paces towards me and falls on his knees beside me. “I’ve got just the thing for you,” he breathes, tickling my neck with his long fingers.
“You do, huh?” I ask, wishfully.

“Yeah,” Jimi nods and turns me around on my stomach. He sits on my legs with his on each side and starts rubbing my back. It feels so good, so calming and soft. At the same time, his hair is dripping water on me, sending shivers down my spine, and making me desire a closer touch.
He bends over to nibble the back of my neck, my shoulders, the small of my back, going lower and lower.. and finally, he separates my legs and goes way down.

I lift my butt so he can reach my pussy with his tongue. I’m getting all moist again. Jimi throws his towel aside to reveal his stiffened penis. He gives it a nice brush and directs it into the tightness of my vagina and, by my request, starts fucking me as smoothly as possible.

Jimi is feeling my buttocks as he’s doing it. I push myself against him as hard as I can to feel his cock deeper inside. Delaying, he pulls it out and asks me to come on top. I obey.

I see the lust in his eyes as I’m riding him. He’s touching me everywhere, kissing my body, hollering. As we’re speeding up, I feel my orgasm coming. I twist my hips as hard as I can, breathing heavily. I notice that Jimi’s coming closer to his climax, too, and so I keep going. Finally, I fall on his chest, panting.

That’s when I note, that all the time Matt and Joe had been watching us. I examine Matt’s look after I’ve calmed down, and can’t help but smiling. He smiles back and lifts me up.

“Alright, that’s enough, baby. You’ve had your fun,” Matt states fatherly, leading me upstairs to our bedroom.
Under the blanket, I kiss my lovely man and thank him for the most exciting cottage trip ever.




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