How To Get Rid Of Real Ghosts

Real Protection from Ghosts...

How To Get Rid Of Real Ghosts!

Real Protection from Ghosts and real Hauntings:
Do you know that many ghost Hunters and Paranormal community leaders do
not know how to clean out a home of real malevolent spirits. They do
know how to investigate them, and how to document a case and tell the
client ok good-bye and good luck.
But if your life and family are haunted what other resources do you have
to get your house un-haunted?
Most of them will tell you say a prayer. Or get the house blessed or
smudged. My favorite thing I have heard is... "By the way I know
somebody who will cleanse your hone for $200 ." "But there are no real
There are some that say that it is impossible to get rid of a ghost. It
is much easier for a ghost to get rid of you !
By Lisa Lee Harp Waugh
Artwork Ricardo Pustanio

As of today the equipment from Ghostbusters (titled on-screen as Ghost
Busters) the biggest grossing film of 1984 fantasy-comedy , about three
eccentric New York City parapsychologists-turned-ghost exterminators,
does not exist.
Ghostbusters Double Feature Gift Set (Ghostbusters/ Ghostbusters 2 and
Commerative Book)
"Ghostbusters," an organization described by the Harold Ramis character
Venkman as a "professional paranormal investigations and eliminations"
service. They capture ghost successfully, using their nuclear-powered
"proton packs" to force it into a small holding trap for later transfer
to a containment grid in the firehouse headquarters.

So I decidedly starting asking paranormal Investigators from all over
America What did they do and how effective it was in really being able
to get rid of a ghost that is haunting you your house or your family and
property. Their answers might surmise you as much as they surprised me.
Whatever you do, do not become so fearful or downright afraid that
anything might frighten you even the ordinary. "Negative paranormal
spirit or ghost energy feeds off of your personal fear."Some believe
that ghosts are not often present in a home to hurt anyone and in almost
every case, a haunted family can and will peacefully coexist with a
spirit in most cases and just adopt it as a unseen family member.

Real Ghosts can be made to leave or stop haunting an individual because
Ghost Hunters really know how to get rid of them. Please also see: "Who
Is Haunting Who?"
First things first - Don't Panic!
If your really afraid hit this button now to leave this page!

Once you have met a real ghost that will not leave an individual or a
location no matter what you do you will realize some people cannot be
helped by you or someone in your group. Sometimes you might call in for
a house blessing and just anger the ghost. Or it goes dormant for a few
months only to come back and haunt the individual or even a member of
your group. Ghosts leave when they want to leave. And we as mortals have
no power over getting them to move on.

Some ghosts need therapy that only a trained person who knows such can
apply to the particular ghosts problems. I ask you are you that person
or is someone in your group capable of it. Push the haunted envelope and
find out you might be surprised when the ghosts just laughs at you and
Things happening to physical objects in your house. Small or large items
moving, breaking or disappearing without anyone doing it (this is also a
sign that a poltergeist may be in the house. Try not to show fear. It is
your home and the spirit can generally do you no harm. Fear can also
provide the spirit with energy. And please" Do not use a Ouija board or
attempt to hold a séance." If you don't know what you are doing in the
first place you are really asking for more trouble then you had in the
first place.

I will not in this article name names because I believe those that told
me what they did meant them in all sincerity. I also believe that more
then just a few who were thought to be in the know actually had no clue
what so ever. And a few unscrupulous individuals put forth in their
ideas that were only looking to make a buck. Smudging your house with
sage can cleanse it of negative spirits. And you don't have to be a
professional to do it. Legitimate ghost hunters will not charge for
their services. If you are asked to pay for an investigation or house
cleansing or blessing, look for something or someone else. Only services
that produce concrete, tangible results are worthy of payment, and
paranormal research is too unpredictable for that. That said, if the
ghost researcher is expected to travel (especially overnight) to reach
your home, you should offer reimbursement for his or her expenses.

Contrary to popular belief, some ghosts are not necessarily bad scary
spooky specters and haunted tortured souls or individuals. Some just
haunt you for attention and if you ignore them they usually leave or
quiet down. Sometime they just want acknowledgement and that's enough.
Many say the easiest way to get rid of a ghost haunting you is to simply
ask it to leave. Use a firm voice and tell the ghost exactly what you
want and why. You might say something like this: "This is my house and
it bothers me when you are around all the time. Would you please leave?"
But you have to believe that it will work. And just saying the words is
not enough. Faith in your actions is the key.

Some Ghost Hunters will protect them selves before doing any
investigation or stepping on haunted property. Some say a special
prayer, others wear spirit medicine bags or Voodoo Hoodoo Gris-gris
Bags. Even those that wear a cross or carry a rosary or magic talisman
or blessed religious amulet. They feel that believing in it will protect
you from ghosts and demons will work. but the key is believing that it
will. Remember what you can't see can hurt you !

So what do you really do? Who do you call? And what methods will really
get a ghost to leave your home like right now!

So here below is the list of "Top Ten Ways To Really Get Rid Of A Ghost"
answers I got:
"Top Ten Ways To Really Get Rid Of A Ghost Haunting You Or Your House"

1. Have your home blessed by a church official, A Priest, A Bishop, a
prayer group or go get real Holy water and do it yourself.
Go top all four corners of your home or apartment and make the sign of
the Cross with holy water and tell the spirit in a stern voice: "Leave
This Place my home and Life in The Name Of God Now!

Many Catholic American's actually have their house or apartment blessed
before ever taking occupancy. This is a service that many Parish's
across the United States still uphold for it's parishioners.
If your house, or member of you immediate close family is actually Ghost
or Demonically possessed, the Catholic church is well equipped to deal
with it and will do so free of charge. The also will hold their own
investigation into the matter before taking on the formal " Rites Of

2. Call in a professional Ghost Chaser. A medium, a psychic or a
sensitive to ghosts. Even a well respected Voodoo Queen, Witch,
Necromancer, Indian Medicine Man, Fung Shui advisor, Gypsy, Guru, or a
well known spirit channeler will do. You have allot of options her so if
one fails call another.
These Psychic's and ESP and spiritually gifted individuals are said to
be able communicate with ghosts, spirits and demons from hell directly.
Yes, and more often able to convey to them that there are better people
places and things for them to haunt then your home. These individuals
usually charge a fee to remove such entities from your life. But there
are really no way of knowing if it will or will not work until after you
have paid them and they are gone.
Voodoo Shops, Botanicas and witchcraft and new age stores also sell
items to repel evil, ghost and all sorts of horrors from your home. Many
often tell you find God and ask him to intercede.

3. Ride it out! Many Ghost Hunters in America have told me that many
hauntings come and go in cycles. And that what is haunting you now won't
be in a year or so. Or if You have a business use the ghost to your
advantage. Also the more people you bring into your home to visit and
experience the actual haunting at times might even chase the pesky
poltergeist or spooky specter away.
Others say the more people you parade through your home might allow the
ghost to find someone more interesting then you to haunt and follow them
Also a few occult , new age Shops and Botanicas' sell ghost go away
Kits, or" How to be rid of your ghosts" instruction books.

4. Traditional Spiritual Cleansing - Ghost Smudging-- Burn Sage or
"Ghost Be Gone" Voodoo Hoodoo or Witchcraft Candles. You know you can
always burn Sage or "Ghost Go Away" special candles. The down side of
the Sage and Candles as a ghost chasing treatment is that it can "wake
up" dormant spirits, obviously making things worse. Sage is sometimes a
temporary fix. It will work for at the most, a few days weeks or months,
and you will have the ghost popping up again and again in the following
If you are using sage, make your goals very specific. It is best to say
"I command any entities to leave this place at once!"

5. Invite the spirits of Family members that have passed on into your
home. Many in the know believe that the spirits or ghost of loved ones
that have passed on will come into your home to protect you and chase
away unwanted ghosts demons and spooks that roost in your house.

6. Salt has long been actually purported to offer protection from
ghosts. Supposedly, ghosts can't cross a line of salt, so sprinkling it
across entrances may keep them out of a building. Some say hanging a
vial of salt in front of windows will also repel ghosts, and hanging one
around your neck will protect you personally.
witches and those in the know will tell you Salt is used for keeping all
spirits Good - Bad and very evil ones at bay. It also repels demons and
the hosts of hell.

7. Set up a real large conspicuous altar in your home to a religious
figure or a dead ancestor. This is the traditional practiced in many
cultures around the world. Minimizing negative energy with an altar that
you say a prayer at each day or mediate at can and will stop a real
paranormal conflict or ghost activity in your home. Some say it will not
probably keep ghosts away, but it may keep them powerless weak or
inactive. Some theories suggest that ghosts draw energy from the living
people around them, and negative energy leads them to interact
disruptively with the physical world.

8. Stones/Crystals – Obsidian and Hermatite (black stones) are known
as anti-ghost protectors. And use clear quartz to clean your energy.
Some mediums actually say they can capture a ghost in a crystal and
remove it from a home. They also state putting many mirrors or
reflective items in your house will bring light into the dark area's of
where ghost like to hide. Let the light in! A little or allot of sun
shine has been none to chase ghost away right away. Open the doors and
pull up the shades.

9. Remove suspicious items – Did you collect Toys or dolls or shop at
thrift stores? Do you often acquire an heirloom or antique from the
homes of those that recently have died? Once you put or got them in your
home did you notice the paranormal activity? If so, now is the time to
get rid of it, no matter how much you like it. Sometimes just cleaning
up your house will do the trick.

Haunted Toys are often possessed by hungry ghosts during the month of
August. The spirits and souls of Loved ones usually hide in your
children's favorite toys. Teddy Bears and dolls or the first toys to
become haunted. Toy cars and even books are not free of becoming
haunted. anything a child has owns or touches could house an evil
presence. In some locations around the world each year these favorite
play things are all thrown out on the last day of July and the child is
not bought any new playthings until three months latter in fear that all
the toys on shelves in stores might be haunted by Hungry Ghost. If you
find a Child has a toy in the month of August that they will not let go
of Beware it might be the ghost of a dead relative waiting to possess
them in September.
Then rearrange your house and life to the many rules of Feng Shui.

10. Move! But hold on to the book and movie rights. And if your business
is haunted you can always "Put Your Ghost to Work"! "When you advertise
an authentically haunted place, your revenue will go up."

Paranormal Groups know and have dealt with every kind of haunting,
Not true at all, ghost hunting books will tell you what others have
encountered from ghosts and paranormal activity. Not all groups have had
the same experiences or have been effected in the same way. Everyone has
their own feeling and encounters not all are exactly the same. And just
because one thing worked in one home or on one particular case it does
not mean the method will work again.

Ghost groups need to become more accommodating to calling in other local
paranormal groups, mediums and psychics to go over their findings and
solid evidence. They also need to get involved with local clergy and
medical professional to go over their findings and talk with the haunted
individuals also. The more oppinons will help an individual rather then
just saying to them this works the ghost is gone for good, and it is
Also demons have been known to pretend to being a ghost. A demonic
haunting at times is hard to dsicern Can you personally tell if it is a
demon or a ghost? Do you have the experience that is needed to do so?No
new paranomal group should go out and try anything they read see on
telvison or are told to do unless it is with the supervison of somone
who has done the house cleansing with successful past intercestions.

Traditional Spiritual Ghost And Haunted House Cleansing From Around The
Over the years I have been involved in ghost research, Necromancy and
Voodoo-Hoodoo I have heard and witnessed many things and have come
across beliefs that many say work right away to dispel ghost from your
home or personal space. Avoid ghost hunters and or those who dabble in
Black magic, the occults dark side , or offer "Black Magical
Cleansing's" of Haunted houses. None of these things should be part of a
legitimate investigation or action of getting rid of ghosts. If there is
any mention of them on their Web site, or in the initial interview,
please move on. Please also see: HUNGRY GHOST: A WHOLE MONTH DEALING

Ways to be rid of Evil Family Ghost
O-fuda is a gofu or a talisman issued by Shinto shrine. It may also be
called shinpu . It is made by inscribing the name of a kami, the name of
Shinto shrine, or a representative of kami on a strip of paper, wood,
cloth, or metal.
It is to be renewed yearly, typically before the end of a year, and
attached to a door, pillar, or ceiling. It may also be placed inside a
private shrine (kamidana). It is believed to protect the family in
residence from general harms such as disease. A more specific o-fuda may
be placed near particular objects such as one for kitchen to protect
from accidental fire. A popular o-fuda called Jingu Taima or simply
Taima is issued by Ise Shrine. It is made from hemp cloth but it should
be noted that use of hemp as a clothing material was common from
antiquity and no spiritual quality is assigned to its potential drug

A portable form of o-fuda, commonly called Omamori is typically given
out wrapped in a small bag made of decorated cloth. This originates from
Buddhism, but was subsequently adopted by Shinto. Both Buddhist temples
and Shinto shrines give out these omamori. While an o-fuda is said to
protect a whole family, an omamori allegedly offers support for personal

O-fuda in Japanese folklore and works of fiction such as in modern manga
and anime, has a more specific appearance and meaning. In this context
an o-fuda is a small piece of paper that has holy or magical spells,
symbols or writing written on it, either by a powerful priest, sorcerer,
or miko. An o-fuda is usually a talisman or even an outright weapon
against those with evil or harmful intent such as demons or oni. The
exact interpretation varies depending on the author or artist.
Retrieved from ""

In the Christianized West, holy water and crosses may help ward off
ghosts, but they won't keep their Japanese counterparts, buried under
Shinto or Buddhist rites, at bay.
Instead, "ofuda" strips inscribed with Buddhist sutras are believed to
be effective in keeping evil spirits away. Some Shinto shrines also
provide "oharai," a purification ritual that removes bad omens with
wooden wands and chants.

An amulet ( [Pliny], meaning "an object that protects a person from
trouble"), a close cousin of the talisman (from Arabic tilasm,
ultimately from Greek telesma or from the Greek word "talein" which
means "to initiate into the mysteries") consists of any object intended
to bring good luck and/or protection to its owner. Potential amulets
include: gems or simple stones, statues, coins, drawings, pendants,
rings, plants, animals, etc.; even words said in certain occasions—for
example: vade retro satana—(Latin, "go back, Satan"), to repel evil or
bad luck.

New Orleans Voodoo Hoodoo

In the deep south and particularly in the Big Easy ghosts are dealt with
by trapping them in liquor bottles then decoration them to look like
Zombies. These trapped ghost in a bottle are said to be put there using
spells and hexes from gygenerations past. The bottle is then sold and
the ghost inside must do the owners bidding until or in hopes of one day
being released.

These infamous bottles are handed down at time from generation to
generation or actually buried with another family member to finally put
a troublesome ghost to rest. Also see: HOODOO VOODOO REAL ZOMBIE BOTTLES
Some folks in bayou county wash their homes down from ceiling to floor
inside and out with ghost be gone water. This magical elixir is made
with dirt from a cemetery and dried funeral flowers as a start. The idea
behind it is to make the ghost feel the pull of the grave beckoning them
to return.

Another sure cure is to fill your house with many many bouquets and
funeral wreaths as you can afford. Some will even go as far as getting a
mock or real coffin and setting up their living room as a funeral home.
The idea is that these pesky ghosts that haunt you hate the idea of
going to the grave or having things that remind them of their own deaths
so near.
They also in Louisiana say in the morning at dawn that if you pour
crushed red brick and sugar cane leaves crushed and covered with cayenne
and rock salt across the doors and sills of windows, that no ghost can
enter or leave a house once this is done.

Northern England and Scotland
These frightful ghosts it seems no matter how horrible or nice the
owners of the homes might just try to live with it and say nothing to
the rest of the community. Others just move out and leave the house to
the dead to have.
In some third world countries many will go as far a leveling the house
or torching it and moving to a new home in a different area. Too often
these individuals feel they are more so under a curse to be haunted by
someone or from something they did wrong. Sort of "Karmic Hauntings." Or
vic a-versa where they believe that ghost that is haunting you needs to
be punished to learn a lesson.
To quiet these ghosts rather them banish them they prefer to taunt the
ghosts and literally abuse it more then it abuses them.
The playing of loud drums will chs a ghost away if you do this for 9
days night and day.
What to do with a real "Texas Ghost" when it says "Hell No, I won't Go"!

In the great State of Texas Ghosts are said to be more stubborn about
leaving then in any other state in America. Personally I never have had
this problem. The many Ghost Hunting groups and those haunted by really
horrible spooks will tell you things like.
"I have had Three exorcisms and 12 house blessings I think I need to
move soon, because this ghost won't leave!" or "Even the Ghost Hunters
run when I call them"!

Well the first thing you do is fix the ghost and yourself a hot cup of
black Texas strong coffee. Then nicely ask it a few questions like how
are you where it's been or if has others it can go haunt. You keep
glancing into the black coffee in front of you, or the ghost. Then as
soon as you see the ghosts image in the reflection of the black coffee
cover it with your hand or a dish cloth.
Now that you have trapped it in it's cup or yours pour it quickly in a
large mouth jar and shut the lid tight.

Other old Texas tips to catch or get rid of a ghost range from mopping
your floors with white Vinegar, Holy water and a dash of salt.
Ghosts are also said to detest the smell of cabbage cooking so one way
to get rid of ghost that was done for years in Jefferson, Texas was to
cook cabbage for all three meals everyday until the ghost stopped
haunting you.

Many ghost remedies or to make a ghost leave rituals in Texas range from
the serious acts of ringing a bell loudly every half hour for 15
minutes. To placing out bowls of fresh cut garlic and red peepers
through out your house. All these cures or said to bring fast relief
from a ghost that just doesn't know when to leave.
One very haunted Lonestar beginer Ghost Hunter told me he played "The
Yellow Rose Of Texas" over and over for 13 days on a tape loop in a
haunted home and the ghost and paranomal activity stopped completely.

To Prevent Ghosts From Haunting You In The First Place
Down south our ghosts seem to be more afraid of religious items and holy
water. It really makes you realize that if a person believes in
something in life they do so even in death. Hang a cross over your bed
and say at night Mathew, Mark Luke and John Bless this house and make
the ghost be gone. This ritual is said to keep a home free of being
haunted by a ghost that might follow you home.

Hang a small shiny crystal, mirror or wind chimes over your front and
back door one inside the house and outside. This they say will make a
ghost think twice about entering.
If a foul crime or murder happens in a residence it best to light
candles on the very spot or in the room a person died in. A large mirror
should be affixed to the inside and the outside of the door so that the
ghost will walk into the mirror rather then roam the house. the mirrors
should be then broken and buried in or near a cemetery, aa florist shop,
a church or a bakery.

Carry a holy card of St. Michael the archangel with you on your person
at all times. Or a blessed rosary. A Blessed palm from Palm Sunday hung
over the inside of your front door is said to keep ghosts away also.

In the north eastern States of America real Ghost seem to fear the grave
more then any other thing you can threaten them with. Many have stopped
their ghost from haunting them by simply putting a black wreath on all
of the doors in their homes. Also wear only black clothes and look like
your in morning. Ghost are said to leave people alone when they are as
they say courting a death.

Moving to another state far, far away or country seems to be the only
way some can stop the ghosts that haunt them completely. But it comes
with one special warning. "Never Go Back"! Just because you have moved
and the haunting has stopped does not mean that if you return to that
town, city state or country it will not start up again.

My aunt at one time was in a Baptist church
and she looked at the Preacher to let him know the ghost was attacking
her at the moment. He came over to her and laid the good book on her
forehead. The man of the cloth was punched in the mouth with such force
two teeth flew from his head before he hit the floor. And this was
witnessed by the full Old Shongaloo, Louisiana congrgation in 1952 at
the time. Many, many exorcism and ghost getting rid of cures were held
but none succeeded.
The ghost or the unseen force also attacked my uncle repeatedly through
his life. Physically and sexually and would punch him in the face or
choke him until he would fall unconscious if he resisted the ghosts
sexual advances and personal attack.

My Aunt and Uncle were very much haunted their whole lives by a very
evil spirit or ghost. They tried everything and nothing worked to stop
it . Then they both took their husband and wife and moved from Louisiana
to Hawaii and the haunting stopped. but when ever they returned to the
main land it would start over again with a vengeance that was truly from
beyond the grave. Please also see and read more about it here now: REAL
MARSHALL, TEXAS --- WARNING - Sexually Explicit! The haunted two and
their families moved repeatedly for many years until they found the
peace they needed in another State. Many have said it is because they
crossed salt water something that landlocked ghosts cannot or are not
able to do.

So remember the next time you need to chase a real ghost out of your
life or your home try one of these many methods one is surly bound to

Have The Dead




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    1. Mulla on niin ikävä sua mies

      taas senki hunajakipon mies. Tai aina :)
    2. Slava Ukraine-mölisijöiden vuoksi Suomi syöksyy nyt synkkään lamaan

      Eivät tainneet mölisijät tajuta millaisia kustannusseurauksia tästä maalle ja sen kansalaisille seuraa.
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    3. Eikö olenkin niin, että

      jos sinulla mies on ikävä, niin sinä otat yhteyttä vaikka sinua olisi kielletty. Jos, oikeasti tuntee ja haluaa, sitä taistelee.. eikös? Teen vain
    4. Ernan pahoinpitely

      Erna pahoinpidelty. Törkeää Seiskalta nimittää tuota kissatappeluksi. Erna kertoo tässä lehtijutussa että hänellä on turvamies aina yöelämässä. Missä
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    5. Beata Papp gold digger (Leppilampi)

      Kivasti nuori nainen turvasi toimeentulonsa kun antoi setämihelle. Naiset!!! Kyllä niitä setämiehiä löytyy aina vaikka naama ois kuin petolinnun perse
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    6. Millanen oli tunnereaktio

      Millanen tunnereaktio oli viimeksi ku kaipauksen kohteen näit?
    7. Paras muistosi hänestä?

      Mitä muistoa muistelet mieluiten ikävöimästäsi ja miksi?
    8. Miksi Sanna pukeutuu kuin katuhuora?

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    9. Martina taistelija.

      WSOY tällä hetkellä listan kärjessä, eli myydyin kirja.
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    10. Sopiiko sinulle?

      Jos nyt kaikesta huolimatta löydettäisiin yhteistä aikaa niin, että voisimme keskustella tämän sotkeentuneen lankakerän auki. Jos et itsesi vuoksi, ni