2012 polymer battery aimed at the smartphone market


According to set the technology (TrendForce) green can EnergyTrend research department, mobile phone products is about to begin in xinji published stage, and estimated polymer battery in the mobile phone has a chance to field to renew the boom in 2011, from 3% growth permeability to 15%; The pen is introduced into the new electricity market is due to the off-season, zero components such as lithium battery core market supply and demand of monthly performance, also enter degrees XiaoYue market, to the point of the price trend, flat estimated in March will have a variety of new products into the market.
The cell phone battery is frivolous
In 2011 an indispensable handheld device window, lies in the popularity of smart phones, in the evolution of the cell phone battery, will gradually from the square model of lithium battery into more frivolous polymer lithium battery, although high polymer battery itself is customized high relationship isn't cheap, but in power management and protection of the integration of chip control if appropriate, or the battery can control a reasonable cost space. However the battery will ChouHuan type can be changed from built-in type, for the users of the acceptance and response, or to be seen. Built-in type high polymer battery estimated market penetration in 2012 from the 3% expansion to over 15%.
Prices continued to walk into stable
Traditional pen electricity in February, new delay, cylindrical batteries demand also then flattens out. Ultra-thin pen electricity is customized case because higher, although many new case in the first four seasons last year rolls out in succession, but the new model estimation to the fastest to to 2012 in March, was able to bring a new wave of hardware requirements. In other words in February for battery components factory, it is an important practice period.
The article comes from http://www.mpjaccessories.com.




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