Russian minorities, the situation is bad


From people who asking for asylum in Finland
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Good day!
My name is KolesnikovVasilij, my boyfriend’s name is NaumovVadimir. We are gays pair from Russia.
The biography
-I’m, KplesnikovVasilij was born and grew up in Zavyalovo village Altay in Russian federation. I’m 24 years old. From 4 years old I started live in host family. About my real parents I know nothing. From the very early age I started understand that I’m not like all others children of my age.
I always feel some violence from people’s side. I always was beaten and also I was feel some negative from people because I was not like all other people.
When I was study at 5 class I told my teacher about my orientation, but he didn’t understand me.
At 16 years old I was raped by a man. At 17 I was really severely beaten because of my sexual orientation and at the result of this I lost able to hear. My right ear still doesn’t hear.
I got education in Russia. Finished the music school. In 2012 year I got sociality of work as teacher of primary school. After that I back to my village with big wish to work, but there nobody took me at job. I leaved my country and starting find a job there. I found work in 30 km away from my house. I was work as teacher in country’s school for half year. Other teacher in this school was discriminating me because of my sexual orientation and I must leave this place.
From the December of 2012 I was lived in Barnaul. I found some friends there and we opened the club for sexual menorities. Nobody opened club like this before us. But we didn’t think about toleration of people who live in this town. Taxi drivers which were working near our club found people of untraditional orientation who visited our place. These people from club also was beaten by taxi drivers. There was two people who died after this. Two guys was killed in own flates. Police was looking for killer but killers was not found.
We closed our club because it was not really safe when people visited this. In may of 2013 I back home in village. I was changing place of living but relationships of people to me was the same all the time. My parents also never understood me.
In june 2013 I was met with Vladimir and moved to him in Sankt-Petersburg.
From june to august of 2013 I was working with Vladimir in the same company.
In some time I have start to work in school for children who lost children. I worked there as teacher.
In may of 2014I was dismissed. The reason was ‘The law which doesn’t let people to propaganda of homosexual relationship between children.

-I’m Naumov Vladimir, was born in Tolyatti in 1978 year. My native language is Russian. Education is high-technical . I was working on factory OAS c 2000 to 2008 year as master of gild 74-1 from 2002 to 2008 year. In june of 2008 boss ask to finish my work because he learned about my orientation.
In june of 2008 year I’m Naumov Vladimir leaved my home because this reasons:
1. In may of 2008 I was severely beaten because of my orientation. These people broke me two teeth, cut my lip, dissected eyebrow and I got concussion of brain. In police when officer learned about the reason of incident, case was closed and nobody helped me.
2. About my sexual orientation learned a people who live in same building as me(reaction was negative people was spat on me and told that kill me)
3. My father asked me to go away from their family. Because he told that I’m shame!

I had nothing to do only moved to Sankt-Petersburg. But in some time I understood that any thoughts not like society around you-have a result as discrimination. If you are gay in Russia it is not really safe for your life.

In start of June of 2013 year.
In Sankt-Petersburg at place of my living:
-I got sms messages threatening ,, , and a lot of others sms messages and other threats at phone. Men was calling and asking leave our flat and we won’t they come and brake our legs.
A lot of times we met a group of people near our house at age 25-27 years old. They also threat us and promised that if we wont leave the place of leaving our body will be found in Niva river.
-Was incidents when people beat us in porch. (was beating at legs, at stomach and chest) , also said us bad words, spat at face, spoilt a water which was smelling. The same was happened also at the streets of Sankt-Petersburg when some people was around. We afraid to back home after the job and afraid of just walk.
When we wrote a applying in police officers didn’t take it. They told that sms messages and calling- isn’t a reason for initiation of proceedings. In police station officers gave us to understand that we guilty in all things which happens with us and by our behave we provoking a people. The biggest part




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