Parhaat 90-luvun bilebiisit?


Mitkä on sinun mielestä parhaat 90-luvun bilebiisit, jotka nostattaa biletunnelmaa? Listaa tulee :)




  • ... jota piitsuja jotka on mun mielee:

    1. Mr.President - Coco jambo
    2. Imperio - Amor Infinitus
    3. Ice Mc - It's A rainy day
    4. --||-- - Russian roulette
    5. Captain Jack - Captain Jack
    6. ----||---- - Drill instruction
    7. Alexia - Summer is crazy
    8. kaikki e-typen biisit 90-luvulta
    9. kaikki e-rotic:it
    10. Culture Beat - Mr. Vain

    ... siinä on jotai lisätkää jos jotain puuttuu. =)

    • Jotain tuli mieleen...Kaikki ei ole mitään "helmiä", mutta onpahan listaa katella:)

      Poco Loco -I´m the one (aivan ehdoton juhannusbiisi:))
      Samira - When I look into your eyes
      DJ Bobo - What about my broken heart
      Abigail: Losing My Religion
      Ace Of Base: Sign
      Ace Of Base: Voulez-Vous Dancer
      The Age Of Love: The Age Of love (Jam&Spoon Radio Mix)
      Aikakone: Anna mun bailaa
      Aikakone: Odota
      Alex Party: Don’t Give Me Your Life
      Alex Party: Read My Lips
      Alexia: Summer Is Crazy
      Alexia: The Music I Like
      Alice Deejay: Better Off Alone
      Allekirjoittanut: Ei pysty joraan
      Alphaville: Wishful Thinking
      Angel Eyes: Bend Me
      Ann Bell Fell: Around & ’Round
      Ann Bell Fell: Frost
      Anticappella feat. MC Fixx It: Move Your Body
      Antiloop: I Love You
      Antiloop: Trespasser
      Antique: Opa Opa
      Aqua: Roses Are Red
      Army Of Lovers: Crucified
      Army Of Lovers: Sexual Revolution
      ATB: Don’t Stop
      B-One. The Future
      Babe: Oh My Little Baby Boy
      Baby D: Let Me Be Your Fantasy
      Backstreet Boys: Get Down
      Bad Boys Blue: Save Your Love
      Bamboo: Bamboogie
      Basic Element: Shame
      Basic Element: This Must Be A Dream
      Bass Bumpers: Running
      Bass Project: I Remember You
      B.B.E: Flash
      BG The Prince Of Rap: Can`t Love You
      BG The Prince Of Rap: The Colour Of My Dreams
      Binary Finary: 1999
      Bobby Summer : Mariella
      Brooklyn Bounce: The Music`s Got Me
      Bu Bu Man: Show Me Your Love
      Bu Bu Man: You Make Me Happy
      Bushman: No 1 Else
      C & C Music Factory: Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
      CB Milton: It’s A Loving Thing
      C-Block: So Strung Out
      Cabballero: Hymn
      Cabballero: Nanaya
      Cappella: Move It Up
      Cappella: Tell Me The Way
      Captain Hollywood Project: All I Want
      Captain Hollywood Project: Only With You
      Captain Jack: Captain Jack
      Captain Jack: Little Boy
      Cat Cat: Bye Bye Baby
      Centory: Take It To The Limit
      Centory: The Spirit
      Circus: Lennän luoksesi
      Clubhouse: Take Your Time
      Coconut Girl: 911
      Cometz: Scoopy Doopy Boy
      Cool James & The Black Teacher: Dr Feelgood
      Corona: The Rhythm Of The Night
      Cream Clinic: Let The Music Take Control
      Culture Beat: Take Me Away
      Daft Punk: Around The World
      Dance 2 Trance: Power Of American Natives
      Dance 2 Trance: We Came In Peace
      Dance Nation: True Conviction
      Dario G: Sunchyme
      Daze: Call Girl
      Daze: Together Forever
      Def Dames Dope: Ain’t Nothing To It
      DJ Bobo: Somebody Dance With Me
      DJ Bobo: Together
      Dj Bobo & V.S.O.P: Shadows Of The Night
      DJ Dado: X-Files
      DJ Miko: Hot Stuff
      Dj Quicksilver: I Have A Dream
      DJ Sakin & Friends: Protect Your mind (Braveheart)
      Dj Sammy: You`re My Angel
      Dj Supreme: Tha Horns Of Jerico
      Dune: Hand In Hand
      Double You: Dancing With An Angel
      Dune feat. Vanessa: Keep The Secret
      Duubel : Kaotan ja voidan
      Dr Alban: Away From Home
      Dr Alban: No Coke
      Dr Baker: Kaos
      Dr Bombay: Calcutta (Taxi Taxi Taxi)
      Dreamworld: Unreal
      Drömhus: Vill Ha Dig
      Dublin Fair: Jamboree
      E-Motion: Open Your Mind
      E-Rotic: Max Don’t Have Sex With Your Ex
      E-Type: Princess Of Egypt
      E-Type: Set The World On Fire
      East 17: Thunder
      Eiffel 65: Blue
      Energy 52: Café Del Mar
      En-Rage: House Of The Rising Sun
      E-Rotic: Fritz Love My Tits
      Felix: Don`t You Want Me Baby
      Flexx: Wake Up
      The Free: Loveletter From Space
      The Free: Lover On The Line
      Fun Factory: Pain
      Gala: Come Into My Life
      Gala: Freed From Desire
      Gate: Open The Gate
      Graaf: You Got (What I Want)
      Haddaway: Life
      Haddaway: Rock My Heart
      Haddaway: What Is Love
      Hausmylly: Maailman reunalla
      Heath Hunter: Revolution In Paradise
      Heath Hunter & The Pleasure Company: Master&Servant
      HI-DR8: Un-Break My Heart
      Hit ’N Hide: Space Invaders
      Hugh K: Shine On
      Ice MC: It’s A Rainy Day
      Ice MC: Think About The Way
      Imperio: Amor Infinitus
      Imperio: Veni Vidi Vici
      Infinity: Happy
      Interactive: Forever Young
      Jam & Spoon: Angel (Lada Di O Heyo)
      Jam & Spoon: Stella
      Janal: You Gotta Set Me Free
      Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene 8
      JS 16: Stomp To My Beat
      KC Linn: Gotta Get It On
      K`Da Cruz: New High Energy
      Kevyt Jee: Tänään
      Kidi: L.A. Club Style
      Kikka: Sukkula Venukseen
      Kim Lukas: All I Really Want
      KLF: Last Train To Trancentral
      KLF: 3 a.m. Eternal
      Kris Kross: Jump
      La Bouche: You Wont Forget Me Baby
      La Cream: Free
      La Cream: You
      Lea Kiss: Don’t U Want Love
      Legacy Of Sound: Happy
      Leila K: Rude Boy
      Livin Joy: Don’t Stop Movin’
      Livin Joy: Dreamer
      Loft: Love Is Magic
      Look Twice: Feel The Night
      Love Message: Love Message
      M People: Itchycoo Park
      M People: Movin' On Up
      Mad feat. Jennifer Romero: Think Of You
      Magic Affair: In The Middle Of The Night
      Mark 'Oh: Tell Me
      Marusha: Free Love
      Mascara: Assanvessankassa
      Mascara feat. Frederik: Tyylilyyli
      Masterboy: Generation Of Love
      Masterboy: Is This The Love
      Maxx: Get Away
      Maxx: No More (I Can’t Stand It)
      MC Nikke T: Ihminen ei voi elää vetämättä
      MC Sar & The Real Mc Coy: Another Night
      Me & My: Baby Boy
      Melodie MC: Anyone Out There
      Melodie MC / Jocelyn Brown: Embrace The Power
      Mephisto: Mystery Of Love
      Microcut: Love Yourself
      Miisa: All Or Nothing
      Milk Incorporated: Inside Of Me
      Minnesota: Without You
      Miranda: Vamos A La Playa
      Moby: Everytime You Touch Me
      Modern Talking: Taxi Girl
      Mo-Do: Eins, Zwei, Polizei
      Movetron: Valkoinen valhe
      Movetron: Voodooman
      Mr Oizo: Flat Beat
      Mr President: Up’n away
      N-Trance: Set You Free
      Naomi Campbell: I Want To Live
      Neja: Restless
      Nek: Laura Non C’e
      New Londonbeat: I've Been Thinking About You
      Nina: Until All Your Dreams Come True
      No Mercy: Where Do You Go
      Ondina: Into The Night
      Ondina: Summer Of Love
      Optical II: Move On Up
      The Original: I Luv You Baby
      Ozo: Saat haluamaan
      Palapeli: Kuulen
      Pandora: Trust Me
      Paradisio: Bailando
      Paradisio: Vamos A La Discoteca
      Peter Andre: Natural
      Pet Shop Boys: Can You Forgive Her
      Pharao: I Show You Secrets
      Pharao: The World Of Magic
      Pin`Ochhio: Tuta Tuta Tutata
      Plus: Yhteen yöhön
      Princessa: Anyone But You
      Princessa: Vivo
      Queens Of Shiba: Mass Choice
      Quicksilver: Street Sales
      Rama Cryin`Out
      Rama: Light My Fire
      Real McCoy: I Wanna Come (With You)
      Real McCoy: One More Time
      Rednex: Cotton-Eye Joe
      Reflex: Over And Over
      Reel 2 Real: Can You Feel It
      Reel 2 Real: I Like To Move It
      Reset feat. Danii: You Got The Key
      Right Said Fred: I`m Too Sexy
      Robert Miles: One & One
      Robin S: Show Me Love
      Samira: When I Look Into Your Eyes
      Sash!: Ecuador
      Sash!: Encore Une Fois
      Scatman John: Scatman`s World
      Scooter: How Much Is The Fish
      Security: I Can Make you Dance
      Sex Appeal: Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi
      The Shamen: Ebeneezer Goode
      Shampoo: Trouble
      Sikaduo: Kourin, kourin
      Silent Circle: Every Move Every Touch
      Sinamour: Sync Out
      Sin With Sebastian: Golden Boy
      Sin With Sebastian: Shut Up and Sleep With Me
      Sitruunapippuri: Aurinkomaa
      Sitruunapippuri: Mä haluun lentää
      Slam: Back To Music
      Snap: Do You See The Light
      Snap: Exterminate
      S.O.A.P.: This Is How We Party
      Solid Base: Dance To The Beat
      Solid Base: Mirror Mirror
      Sonic Dream: Pray
      Sonic Dream Collective: Don't Go Breaking My Heart
      Sound Of RELS: Be With You
      Sound Of Seduction: A Love Like 7
      Stakka Bo: Here We Go
      Stella Getz: Friends
      Swing feat. Dr Alban: Sweet Dreams
      System 7: Interstate
      T-Spoon: Sex On The Beach
      Taikapeili: Nyt kun nähdään taas (Moi)
      Take That: Relight My Fire
      Taleesa: I Found Love
      The Tamperer feat. Maya: Feel It
      Tania Evans: Prisoner Of Love (La-Da-Di)
      Tatjana: Feel Good
      Tatjana: Santa Maria
      Technotronic: Move It To The Rhythm
      Technotronic: Recall
      The Grid: Swamp Thing
      Tiggy: Ring-A-Ling
      Timeshift: Crazy 4 U
      Tina Cousins: Angel
      Tino: Dance In The Rain
      Tino: Maximum Energy
      Toy-Box: Sailor Song
      Trubble: Dancing Baby (Ooga-Chaka)
      Twenty 4 Seven: Take Me Away
      U96: Heaven
      U96: Club Bizarre
      Urban Cookie Collective: The Key, The Secret
      Vengaboys: Boom Boom Boom Boom
      Viola Wills: Get Along Without You Now
      Waldo: The Riddle
      Waldos People: I Dream
      Westbam: Wizards Of The Sonic
      Whigfield: Saturday Night
      Worlds Apart: Je Te Donne
      XL5: Deja Vu
      X-Perience: Magic Fields
      Yosh: It`s Whats Upront That Counts
      Zig&Zag: Them Girls
      Zodiac: I Believe
      101: Haluan ekstaasiin
      101 feat. Sam D.: I Will Always Love U
      2 Brothers On The 4th Floor: Dreams
      2 Brothers On The 4th Floor: The Sun Will Be Shining
      2 Eivissa: Oh La La La
      2 For Love: Only For Love
      2. Maanantai: Sä et tykkää musta enää
      2 Unlimited: Let The Beat Control Your Body
      2 Unlimited: Maximum Overdrive
      3rd Nation: I Believe
      3Some: Merry-Go-Round
      666: Alarma
      666: Paradoxx
      7. Taivas: Mihin vain meen (7. taivaaseen)
      @tak: Anything (Just 4U)

    • Blue box. Puuttuu vielä .

  • Eli FAITHLESS: Insomnia. Aiheuttaa vieläkin kylmiä väreitä kun sen kuulee

  • jaydeen plastic dreams

    • moi

  • HEY WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?! aivan huikeeta... ei mitään yli räikeetä "elektro" shaibaa!

  • Säkkijärven polkka on ykkönen!

  • tuure boelius lätkäjätkä ville

    • Astu naulaan

  • Cosmic Baby - Space Track (Club Mix)

    • Ainoa hyvä biisi tai ylipäätään edes bilebiisi koko ketjussa?

      Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
      Energy 52 - Café del Mar
      Zen Café - Ua ua

    • Chilliä BILEtystä...?

  • kukapa tuota laman syvimpinä vuosina kerkes "piisejä"kuuntelemaan.ku pankkien puhki kuluttamat lainan korot.16,6 -24.paskatekosa holtittomasta rahankäytöstä.kuhan nyt ei tulis tämän Hallituksen aikaan Suomelle Sama....piisi:mä joka päivä töitä teen.teppo ja töppö hallitus.ja elätän työttömät ym.eläkkeellä olevat kutsutaan SUOMESSA töihin!!!HALOO!!!

    • Syvimmissä lamoissahan juuri kuunnellaan yleensä kaikkein pinnallisinta ja todellisuuspakoisinta musiikkia... Noin yleisesti siis.

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