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Chapter 1

It was a Friday night when I went to Ann's home party. We'd know each other for about ten years already, but were never really that close. We had been going to the same school, same parties for years then and shared lots of friends. Jessica was her best friend that I also knew very well. She went also to the same school as we did. Among lots of other people, there were also Ann's little sister Cindy and her cousin Kathy at the party. All four of them were just incredibly hot. And natural blondes, naturally. Every male person simply drooled after them. The party was like any other high school home party: drinking, loud music, drunken people dancing and singing awfully. Since I was the only sober person there, besides Cindy, I didn't really have much of a laugh.

Cindy didn't know the people at the party that well, so she stayed in her room most of the time. I had met her and got to know her the previous summer and thought she might want some company. I went up to her room and knocked on the door. She came to open the door, gave me a surprised smile, and said, "Hey! I wasn't expecting anybody to come here, but it's certainly a good surprise to see you. Come on in!" She held the door only half-open and as I walked in and I noticed how she leaned against me so that her right breast lightly brushed my shoulder. It was supposed to look like an innocent accident, but I noticed her intensions. Cindy asked me to sit down on her bed and sat herself on her chair legs spread towards me on each side of the back of the chair, again, "innocently". I asked her the usual how's life questions and stuff. She seemed somewhat different from the teen that she was the previous summer. She seemed to have grown up for years while she was travelling in the far-east for a few months. Our conversation turned more intimate and to questions about relationships, sex and so on. While we talked on, she turned her look out the window and in the pitch black winter sky. I used the moment to look at Cindy's magnificent body. Her quite large breasts rested so perfectly on the back of the chair and I thought I saw her nipples poking through the fabric of her thin purple shirt. I looked down quickly and saw also faintly the outline of her vagina and a dot which must have been her enlarged clitoris. Suddenly, she turned to look at me. I quickly lifted my eyes to hers and smiled slightly embarrassed. She saw the bulge in my pants and smiled knowingly. She rose from the chair and sat beside me on the bed. Our eyes were glued to each other and without saying a word I took Cindy in my arms and kissed her gently on the lips. After a moment I drew away from her and opened my eyes. Before I managed to get a word out of my mouth she threw herself at me kissed me wildly. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and I grabbed her luscious body and kissed her in return. I removed her glasses as well as my own and put them on the night table. Next I pulled her shirt up and off of her and uncovered her white, lacy bra which was very nicely filled. I kissed her perfect breasts and nibbled at her nipples with my teeth. She started moaning a bit and I kissed my way down to her tight, red trousers. I unzipped them and took them slowly off while she was on her back and stuck her legs high in the air. She was wearing only the bra and panties to go with. I reached around her and opened her bra and she let it fall down slowly. I admired her tits and put my right hand on her right breast and pulled her by the ass close to me with the left one. I lowered my head between her firm white tits and kissed on them and pulled her nipples.

I moved back and complimented her hot body and beautiful face and hair, which was then set free from its usual ponytail. Cindy looked at me with those deep, blue eyes and said she had been dreaming of this ever since we parted that summer and mentioned also that this was her first time so I had to be gentle. I promised her I could never hurt her in anyway and would make this night a memorable one for her too. I mentioned her also that this was my first time too and was unbelievably lucky to share her virginity. With that she came to me and ripped my shirt off and kissed her way down my abs to my jeans. I watched in awe as this teen goddess unzipped my jeans and pulled them off. My cock was straining to get out and touch her skin. She took my pants off and gasped as she saw my full 7 inches. She smiled at me, took it in her hand and started stroking it lightly. Cindy was obviously a natural talent as she, after licking the head just a little, took my cock fully in her throat right away. She held me in her throat for a few seconds keeping her sweet, pink lips enclosed tightly on the base of my cock. She didn't even gag a little and I couldn't believe how good it felt as she slid her mouth slowly to the head of cock and back down again. Cindy's innocent eyes were half-closed as she obviously loved to deep throat me. She increased her slow pace as she made loud slurping noises bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I was glad the music downstairs - where all the others were - was so loud that we couldn't be heard outside the door. After a while of pumping my dick down her throat I stopped her and said that it was time for her to have some fun too. She obliged happily and lay on her back on the bed. I crawled to her and spread her legs wide open and kissed her thighs up to her crotch. Cindy's white panties were then completely transparent because of her wetness and I saw her protruding clit, the beautiful pussy lips and her blond cunt hair through the thin fabric. I pulled her panties off with my teeth and attacked her sweet scented virgin pussy. I licked her lips and circled her clit for a while. She was squirming and moaning underneath me and pushing my head into her crotch. I stuck two fingers in her cunt and found her G-spot with them. I sucked on her clit and fucked her tight puss with my fingers and soon she came all over my face.

While Cindy was still high from her orgasm, I climbed on top of her and put my steel-like cock on her virgin pussy lips. She said, "Push that cock inside me! I want it so much!" I didn't need to be told twice and pushed my cock in her pussy to her hymen and stopped there to savour the moment. Then I grabbed her firm tits with my hands, looked in her lust-filled eyes and pushed my cock slowly past the hymen. Her virgin pussy was heavenly hot and tight around my cock, but so wet that I had no difficulties in ramming my pecker all the way to her cervix. She moaned loud and said, "Oh, it feels so big inside my cunt! I feel so filled up with your penis...fuck me!" I pulled my cock out of her hole so that only the head remained inside and it pushed all the way in so that her curly, white pussy hair tickled my belly. I grabbed Cindy's right tit with my hand and started pounding her cunt like mad. I kept my fast pace and soon she was screaming in the throes of her orgasm again. I had the time of my life fucking her beautiful, tight cunt. The pressure of her tight cunt gripping my cock was such a turn on. I kissed her sweet mouth and our tongues danced their slippery dance while I was caressing her firm tits. I fucked Cindy hard and fast, sucked her nipples and lifted her to another orgasm. Then I pulled my shiny pole out of her love-hole and watched as she groaned hard and stuck four of her fingers in her cunt her eyes filled with primal lust. I told her to get on her knees and put her ass high up in the air. She obliged without a question never letting go of her pussy with her fingers. I told her that I wanted to fuck her up the ass while she masturbated. Saying that made her spincher convulse and her fingers dig even deeper in her cunt. She said that she had fingered herself everyday since she was fourteen and especially liked to have her asshole filled up as well, and wanted to be fucked up her ass so much. She told me also that she and her sister had lesbian sex quite often and that she loved the way Ann pushed three fingers in her ass while fucking Cindy's pussy with her tongue. By then I was so hot I almost shot my load on her back right then and there.

I managed to keep my self calm and grabbed her ass ramming my dick in her cunt for some lubrication. I pulled out and felt her whole body shake with anticipation as I slid my cock from her pussy lips to her spincher. She was well prepared for my intrusion, for her pussy juices from her four orgasms had run inside her ass and made it pretty slick. As I started leaning against Cindy's ass and sinking my cock in her, she relaxed her muscle and suddenly the head popped inside. She sighed with pleasure and pleaded me to push it deeper. I watched as my cock slowly disappeared in her anus inch by inch. After a while I was fully inside her asshole, my balls rested firmly on her swollen pussy lips and her burning buttocks pressed against my loins. She fingered her pussy vigorously and I took her nipples in my hands and squeezed them hard, producing pleasant moans from deep within her throat. I kept my cock in her anus for a few seconds and then started moving in and out slowly. I fucked her ass steadily and watched her perfect body unable to believe what was happening. Then I pulled out and took her fingers from her cunt and replaced them with my hard cock. Cindy sighed when I started fucking her pussy and she put three of her fingers in her anus. After five or six hard, deep strokes in her pussy, we changed holes. I watched my cum-coated cock invade her asshole again and this time started fucking her rear end with max speed. She was coming continuously by then and I rode her butt intensively grabbing her full tits. I felt my balls tingling and whispered in her ear that I was going to cum. I grabbed her hips hard, pushed inside Cindy for the last time and unloaded my sperm in her ass. Her body was trembling with mine and I watched my cum leak out from her ass as it spurted in her. We collapsed on the bed together with me still deep inside her.

"Well, that was one hell of a first time!" she said her head turned to her side and I couldn't agree more. We lay like that for a few minutes and then I had to slide out of that wonderfully tight and hot hole. I got up, put my clothes on and was ready to leave. She got up from the bed and came to me. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. "I really got to go now so the others won't suspect anything", I said and she answered, "I can't wait for the next time! You know where to find me... And by the way, I could ask Ann if she'd like to join us the next time." I said I would surely be there, kissed her for the last time grabbing her bare ass and firm left breast and left.

Chapter 2

Once I got back downstairs I bumped into Kathy - Cindy's and Ann's cousin. And I mean literally bumped; she came from around the corner from the kitchen and wasn't looking in my direction. I could have dodged her, but I just couldn't resist the chance of touching that sexy body. When she crashed into me, I raised my hands on the level of Kathy's titties and "accidentally" got a pretty good feel of her small, but beautiful rack. "Oh, I'm sorry", she fluttered as she regained her balance and then she noticed who she had crashed to and gave me a surprised smile. "Oh, I'm not", I smiled and winked at her. "I don't mind crashing with a beautiful woman once a while." She understood my pathetic little joke and stepped closer to me. "Where have you been all night?? I've been looking for you for hours", she said and I could clearly smell the liquor in her breath. She could have been looking for me for five minutes and feel like it was hours - that's how drunk she was. "Oh, just wandering around. It's a pretty huge house your beloved cousins live in, you know", was my explanation. "I guess so... Anyway, I was looking for you for a reason: I could need someone to crash with", she grinned in a low voice. She pushed me in a dark corner and continued whispering, "Actually, I NEED to feel a nice, big and strong cock in my pussy right now, or I'll drop my skirt and panties right here in front of everybody and finger myself to an orgasm." and grabbed my hardening cock through my trousers. "Mmm.. this fellow right here sure feels like one I'm looking for" she said. I was pretty shocked by her openly slutty attitude, but at the same time VERY much aroused by it. Her expression showed that she was pretty damn serious about it too and horny. Kathy continued in my ear, "And those other guys aren't any good, most of them are too drunk and the others are just… not my type. YOU are the only real man in the house right now, so what do you say?" Man, was I glad I had to be the driver tonight! She didn't even have to wait for my answer, seeing my ear-to-ear smile. She just grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the first floor and in the bathroom.

She slammed the door closed and locked it. The bathroom was quite spacey, just like my head at the moment, and she pushed me against the wall said in a lusty voice, "Now, what position do you want, honey?" I abused her uncontrollable horniness and said, "Oh no, don't even dream of getting this cock in your pussy right away. You've got to work hard to get that kind of a prize." "Well, OK, whadda you want me to do?" she said a bit disappointed. "Deep throat me and swallow my cum", I ordered. Kathy smiled and turned her look from my eyes to my crotch. She dropped on her knees in front of me, unzipped me and took my cock out in her hand in a flash. "Wow, aren't you a big boy", she chatted to my rock hard penis. Kathy opened her glistening mouth, looked me deeply in the eyes and engulfed all of my cock. My whole body twitched in pure ecstasy as the head reached the tight back of her throat. She kissed my pubic hair and started moving her mouth up and down on my cock. I ran my fingers through her long, straight, blond hair as she sucked me off for all she was worth. I could tell she had been practising this a lot, and when I saw her expressions, I knew she loved having my cock in her mouth as much as I did fucking her throat. She switched to full speed and started licking my cock on her way up and down on my mile pole. I wasn't able to take the ecstasy anymore and shot my load in Kathy's hot, waiting throat and she swallowed it all without missing a drop. She let go of my tool and stood up saying, "Look at the poor fella, so limp and exhausted", caressing it. "But don't you worry, we're gonna get you up and hard again in no time", she continued and took off her shirt and bra. She gave me quite a show by caressing her titties, sighing lightly in time with her hand movements and licking my come off her soft lips. Next she dropped her skirt and turned her back to me. She removed her black, damp panties by leaning forward and keeping her knees straight and together. She showed the most beautiful ass I had ever seen in the process. Kathy's almost bare shaved cunt and ass were just screaming for a cock to be shoved in. She stood up and turned to face me and asked with a grin, "You like?" I couldn't get a word out of my mouth and she took that as a yes. She took my clothes off and told me to lie on my back on the bathroom floor. She got on top of me and took my limp cock in her hand. She slid her fingers along my penis, kissed the head and licked the last of my previous load from it. My cock began to harden once again and she noted that giving me a pleased smile. She took my member in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down in rhythm with my racing heartbeats.

Soon I was at full mast again and she climbed on top of me giving her cunt a couple of deep strokes with her long and slim fingers. Kathy placed her dripping wet pussy on top of my cock leaving just a couple of millimetres between them and I watched intently as some of her hot juices dripped from her cunt on my pole. We took the most of the moment before the crucial contact. Then, she slowly lowered herself on me so that the head of my penis sunk into her pussy. I felt her slippery and hot cunt squeeze tight on the head and saw the euphoria in her expression. I put my hands on her perfectly wide hips and slooowly pushed her really tight cunt down on my cock. Soon Kathy reached the bottom and let out a long, low, satisfied moan, "Oooooooh fuck... I needed this so bad!!" and looked in my eyes with her own lust filled, bottomless windows of her soul. She stayed down for a moment with my cock head resting tightly against her cervix and made me go crazy with the squeezes and releases of her love-hole. Then she started sliding her cunt lips on my pole, first up until I almost escaped her pussy and then down with her whole weight. Soon she was bouncing up and down on my cock for all she was worth and moaning with pleasure. I watched her bouncing titties and their stiffened nipples intently as she rode me hard and fast. I watched her blond pubic hair - or the little patch that she hadn't shaved on top of her pussy - mingle with my pubic hair on each hard down stroke. Her cunt was absolutely amazing: so fresh, hot, slippery and tight. I fucked her pussy in rhythm with her quick strokes. She bent over to me so that I could lick and suck her bouncing breasts and nipples. After a while of good, hard riding on my cock, she came furiously tossing her head back and screaming out loud, "I'm cumming!!" I felt her pussy juices rushing out of her hole and her muscles gripping me tight. I continued fucking her now very slippery cunt and watching as she loved every second of it. Kathy's cunt lips were red and swollen and slapped hard against my hips on every stroke. I gripped her ass tight and fingered her clit as she rode me hard. Soon she was coming again and her orgasm didn't seem to stop at all. I pulled her off of my cock and turned her around, away me. I quickly plunged back in Kathy's hot cunt and continued fucking her grabbing her ass. She leaned forward so that her perfectly round bottom was well on display for me. I watched as my cock slid in and out between her pussy lips and her asshole closed and opened every couple of seconds every time a new wave of orgasm hit her. Finally the fuck that this dirty angel was giving me was beginning to take its toll and I felt my cock twitching in anticipation of shooting cum in Kathy's tight cunt. She kept on pounding up and down as my dick erupted inside her. She sat down with her cunt on my cock engulfing it fully inside and leaned back in my arms as she started her last orgasm. Her orgasmic cunt milked the very last come left in my cock as I held her tight on my lap with my cock deep in her cunt and massaged her sweaty, hot body all over. Kathy gave my cock the last contractions with her vagina and let her head fall on my shoulder. We were totally exhausted and speechless and drifted slowly off to sleep while lying there on the cold bathroom floor.

Suddenly, I woke up and realized to my greatest joy that I had not been dreaming, for Kathy was still lying on my lap with her beautiful head on my left shoulder. We must have slept for hours, because the house was totally silent and I could see under the bathroom door that the lights were out also in there. Everybody must have left while we were sleeping. I watched Kathy's beautiful, smiling face on my shoulder and dared not to wake her up. Her body was glistening with sweat all over and her blond pubic hair was simply matted with the mixture of our come and my softened cock still lay in her warm vagina. I couldn't resist the opportunity and caressed her breasts tenderly and kissed her softly on the lips. She opened her sleepy eyes and I said good morning to her. She answered with a drowsy voice, "Mmmm... now this is a nice position to wake up in" smiling at me. After a while she got her eyes open and continued, "But as much as I'd love to stay right here and have some more of that wonderful joystick of yours, I think it's time for me to go home already." With that Kathy kissed me one last time and got up, showing her great ass and come leaking pussy for me once more. She turned, bent over and kissed my weary cock and walked to the door taking her clothes with her. She turned back at the door and said, "I'll DEFINETLY call you the next time I need a real man to fuck my brains out", winked and smiled at me and walked away giggling. I watched her round ass swaying sexily from side to side as she vanished from my sight.

Chapter 3

After a minute or two of lying there after Kathy had left I decided I too should get out of this heavenly place. As I was putting my clothes on I couldn't believe I had just fucked one of the hottest girls I knew. And just before that, her hot ass, virgin cousin in three holes. "Wow!", I thought to myself. But the night wasn't over for me yet, like I thought. I walked out of the bathroom and into the hall and heard some silent noises. I thought that someone must have stayed long too. The house was pitch black and totally silent except for Ann's room. I saw a ray of light coming from her door's keyhole, so I got curious about what was she doing this late at night and pressed my ear against her door. I couldn't believe my ears as I heard low moaning and slurping noises from the room. I heard someone breathing hard and then a woman's voice from inside the room said, "Oh Ann, you're the best cunt sucker in the world...make me cum, please!" The craziest thing was that it sounded exactly like Jessica's voice. I opened the door silently, not believing what I had heard and was greeted with a sight I will never forget: The two most perfect girls, that I knew, in every single way - Ann and Jessica - were naked and all over each other and obviously enjoying each other to the fullest. Although they had joked about being lesbian or bisexual and hinted to me about hot, passionate lovemaking sessions, I still never thought the stories could be true. They even called each other with sexy nick names and stuff, but I always thought that that was just a part of their superior humour. Apparently, I had been wrong. And I couldn't have felt happier noticing that. But now, snap back to reality: Jessica was lying on her back on Ann's bed legs spread wide. Ann was between Jessica's legs sucking her pussy with her hands on Jessica's beautiful breasts. Although her tits sagged just a little bit, they stood up very nicely from her chest because they were big. I don't know how she had managed to keep them hidden from me all those years. Meanwhile, Ann was on her knees fucking Jessica's pussy with her tongue, her ass exposed to me. I could see her pussy lips between her thighs and her puckered, pink anus above it - all covered with a thin layer of light pubic hair, white as snow. Her ass was exquisite, a perfectly full, pear shaped figure. I watched as Ann fingered Jessica's pussy and sucked her clit and Jessica had her eyes closed and her hands in Ann's hair. Jessica's spread legs started to twitch and her groans became more intense, her head trashing from side to side. She was coming, coming hard. Soon it was over and Ann raised her head from Jessica's crotch wiping her mouth pleasantly, while Jessica still flew high in her own worlds - eyes closed.

As I was still unnoticed by either one of them, I walked silently closer. When I was just a couple of inches from them and Ann began to get up, I said in a firm, low voice, "What's going on in here?" They jumped in shock and tried to cover their strategic areas and turned to look at me with a scared look in their eyes. "Oh fuck you scared us!" they said as they noticed it was me. Quickly they glanced at each other with a twinkle in their eyes and Ann looked at Jessica with a "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" -look. Jessica nodded lightly and the scared look in their eyes was already replaced with eagerness and excitement. I noticed this and knew what could happen the night if I played my cards right. I asked them about sexuality and they told me they were completely open to any kind of sexuality and would make love with a woman just as well as with a man. I heard that they had noticed this side of themselves when they became close friends in the first year of high school. One day they had just drifted into caressing each other and found out what a turn on it was for them. They had been fucking each other regularly during those three years. Ann mentioned that she was actually still a virgin and had never even seen an erect penis in her life, not mention feel it in her vagina. While we talked on, their hands started slipping away from their crotches and tits allowing me view in their most private places. We talked about sexual fantasies and as I mentioned to them that my biggest fantasy was to make love to two women simultaneously, their nipples started rising, the twinkle in their eyes turned into a flame and a light grin rose on their lips. I added that I had especially fantasized about the two of them. "Well then, what are we waiting for?" Jessica said and stood up from the bed. They came to me and ran their hands all over my body. They stripped me and released my rock hard cock. They stood in front of me and we were all totally naked. We all took a moment zooming at each other. Ann's breasts were about the same size as Jessica's B75s, but they were so firm that they stood from her chest proudly straight out, making them THE perfect breasts. Perfectly round and white, with smallish nipples, they were pure poetry. As she was used to be an athlete, like her little sister, her stomach was quite flat and her body was in good shape all over. Her pussy was cover with that beautiful, snow white, curly hair. She didn't have her glasses on, so she looked a bit different, but didn't change the fact that her face - equipped with her almost hypnotizing blue eyes - was one of the most beautiful ones I had seen. Jessica's body was almost as perfect, just a little shorter. Her golden pubic hair was also natural colour and ran from her pussy - which was glistening with her cunt juices and Ann's saliva - all the way to her sweet ass. Jessica's beautiful bottom was a bit larger than Ann's, but just as firm as hers. I couldn't wait to fuck them both in every way possible. I noticed that they also explored me, my long cock, trimmed stomach and butt with their eyes.

I asked them what would they want to do now and Jessica answered, "Since Ann is a virgin and has no experience about sex with a man, we are going to have to teach her something about cock sucking, -riding and all that stuff, right?" I was a bit stunned by her direct speech, but didn't let it bother me, on the contrary, it got my already hard cock rising an inch. "Sure, let's start with some oral sex, OK?", I answered. Jessica stepped to me with a grin on her face and dropped on her knees, her head in level with my iron shaft. "OK, lesson one. Listen and watch carefully", Jessica said to Ann and continued with a voice like in those school teaching films, "First you take the man's penis in your hand, like this, and feel how hot it is. As you stroke it lightly with you hand from the head - this is it - to the root, you can notice how the skin on it moves with your hand. As you move this foreskin down, the head of the penis appears. You can see the light red colour of it. First, I'm going to lick a little on the head, like this. You can notice how much the man enjoys it." They looked at my euphoric expression and giggled a little. She continued, "Then I will lick the underside of his cock, all the way, like this. And then all over that hard, hot organ."

"After this teasing, it's time for the real deal: deep throat. You take the cock in your mouth and all the way to your throat. The objective is to stick as much meat in your mouth as possible, like this." With that, Jessica dropped her mouth on my cock, slid it all the way in and nibbled the base of my cock with her lips. She withdrew very slowly, showing us both how her lips caressed my dick on the way out. "Although this particular cock is quite a hanger, if you know what I mean, you should be able to wiggle it all the way inside your throat", she continued her tutoring. "After you have all of his cock stuck in your throat, you start fucking his cock with your mouth. You do it by closing your lips as tightly as you can against his cock and moving your head up and down on his shaft. You should try to get his cock head down your throat with every stroke. You can also just keep your head in place and let him fuck your mouth with his cock. When the man comes, you should try to get his come in your mouth and preferably swallow it all down your throat. This, the men really like, just let me show you. Keep you eyes and ears open", Jessica finished her speech to Ann, and in a flash she was sucking my cock again. Jessica was really good at it; she sucked it all the way in and out with a pleased look on her face. I looked straight in her eyes and watched as my cock fucked her beautiful face. She kept the suction hard and bobbed her head fast up down on my cock. This sucking went on for a good ten minutes, and I was glad I had already cum in Cindy's ass and in Kathy's both mouth and cunt that night. Otherwise, I couldn't have lasted long in that state of ecstasy. But eventually, the sight of fucking Jessica deep in her throat was all that I could take and I told her that the lesson would soon be over. She took the hint and maxed up her speed and my cock speeded in and out of her mouth. I started shooting sperm in her mouth and jammed my cock all the way in her throat and kept it deeply in there, while she swallowed my entire load.

Jessica withdrew her mouth from my penis finally and I saw my come dripping from her lips. Ann saw that too and attacked her mouth and stuck her tongue in Jessica's mouth. Ann licked every last drop of my cum from Jessica's lips and said, "Mmm...that doesn't taste bad at all!" Jessica agreed and I french kissed them both too, first Jessica, thanking her for a good lesson, and then Ann, asking her if she would like to suck my cock now. She said, "Oh, I would love to, but first I NEED to feel it in my pussy." She looked at Jessica for approval and said, "I think it's time to let go of my virginity, if we can continue our lesson later, can we, oh teacher?" "Yeah sure, but on one condition", Jessica said. "I want some more pussy licking from you in the process." My cock came quickly back to life hearing their plans. "I know the way to arrange that", I said. "Ann, you go lie on your back on the bed and Jessica, you go straddle her face, facing me", I instructed. They obeyed quickly and soon there was I: between Ann's spread legs, my cock only inches away from her virgin pussy.

I caressed her pubic area with my hand and placed my cock head on her pussy lips. She shivered at the touch and all of our eyes were glued on Ann's and my joining genitals. Ann caressed her full, beautiful tits as I slowly started to push in her virgin pussy. The head was now inside and her pussy juices were overflowing her cunt and dripped on Ann's bed and some went in her asshole too. I caressed her spread thighs and traveled ever so slowly in her hot, slippery cunt. Ann put her hand on her pussy and felt my penis sliding inside her. "Ohhh, that feels nice!" she sighed. My cock pushed through her hymen and all the way inside. Her pussy was simply tailored for my cock; it was so perfectly tight and hot. And I was the first person ever to invade her sweet love hole. I began to make love to Ann slowly with the whole length of my penis. She gave me an "I want you to fuck me"-look and then dove in Jessica's pussy, that was on her face. Seeing Ann eating Jessica's beautiful pussy got me speed up my pace. My hard cock slid between Ann's pink pussy lips faster and my balls slapped against her ass. Ann put her legs around my back encouraging me to fuck her deeper. My wildest dream had really come true; I was having a threesome with Jessica and Ann and I couldn't believe it. Ann's wet pussy started squeezing my cock harder and harder and she was moaning hard into Jessica's cunt. Ann's perfect tits swayed along our love making motions and I just had to grab them. I fucked her pussy and messaged her full breasts and pinched her hardened nipples. Ann's feet started to tremble lightly and her pussy constricted wildly around my dick. Then she almost screamed from Jessica's crotch, "Ohhhh, FUCK ME HARD, I'M COMIIIING!!" I punched my cock hard and fast all the way to her cervix and felt her juices exploding from her cunt. I didn't stop fucking and her legs shook on my sides and behind my back and she totally lost control of her body. Her cunt still gave hard contractions on my cock as I fucked her fast. Finally, her orgasm seemed to ease down and I pushed my still hard as a rock penis deep inside her relaxed pussy and kept it there. I bent down on her body and kissed her mouth, our tongues playing with each other, and on Jessica's clit and pussy lips. "How was that?" I asked Ann. "Just fucking amazing! Where have you been all my life, big boy?" she said with a grin on her face, sliding her hand down to our joined genitals and squeezing the length of my cock with her weary pussy muscles." I answered, "Well, now it's right where it belongs" and we smiled in unison. "And no, we're not forgetting about you, Jessica. You too will get all the cock you want, in every way you want, and more", I said to Jessica and gave a quick lick to her sweet pussy. "And all the tongue", she added. "Exactly", I agreed. With that I got up and lay on my back next to them.

I told Ann to sit on my standing cock and play cowgirl, because I hadn't cum inside her pussy yet. Ann practically jumped on me and spread eagle on top of me ready for another penetration. I looked at Jessica and without a word she understood my thoughts. She nodded knowingly, crawled on top of my face and placed her "lips" on mine, her asshole brushing my nose. Ann took my cock in her hand and moved the head up and down her cunt lips. She even quickly touched her spincher with the head of my cock. Then she put it inside her pussy and sat down on it. That heavenly hole slid down on my pole and gripped it tightly. My cock was fully inside her cunt and her pubic hair tickled my belly, but only for a second, for Ann started pounding her pussy up and down on my cock immediately. I watched Ann's perfect breasts bounce along her movements from between Jessica's spread legs. Ann kept on riding me hard and squeezing her cunt along my shaft as I concentrated on Jessica's dripping wet vagina above my face. I put my hands on her thighs and licked her outer pussy lips. She shivered a bit and wanted more. She was very horny and grinded her pussy on my face, wanting my tongue deep inside her. I licked her clit quickly producing a moan from her and then stuck my tongue in her cunt. I licked her fast and fucked her cunt with my tongue. Jessica and Ann were both in ecstasy and the fact that I did it to them brought me to seventh heaven in turn. They were riding my cock and mouth hard and caressed each other's tits and kissed sticking their tongues in each other's mouths. Jessica put her hand on my cock that was sliding in and out of Ann's tight cunt and caressed it while I tongued Jessica's pussy and Ann squeezed Jessica's nipples and caressed her full breasts. Ann was starting to get close to her second orgasm and she straightened herself and started really pounding her pussy on my standing pole. Ann's firm breasts were so beautiful to watch wiggling up and down on her chest along her fucking motions. Jessica bent down towards our genitals and put her mouth on Ann's cunt. She licked her clit and her tongue gave my cock also nice vibes while I fucked Ann. Soon Ann was coming hard and her trashing body pounded up and down on my cock. Her pussy overflowed on my cock and eventually her orgasm subsided. As soon as Jessica noticed Ann had come, she lifted her off of my cock and quickly sucked my still hard cock in her mouth. Jessica sucked on my cock hard and I felt how it sunk all the way to soft throat. She sucked eagerly Ann's cunt juices and my pre-cum from it. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock as I licked her clit and stuck three fingers deep in her cunt. Soon Jessica came too and her sweet juices flooded on my face. Ann, who had come down from her orgasm and was already fingering her pussy next to us, said, "Hey, I want his sperm in my cunt! Don't you dare to swallow a second load in a row!" I was getting close to an orgasm and on the last second before my eruption Jessica let go of my cock and stood up. Ann got on her hands and knees and showed her perfect ass to me. She looked at me turning her head to the side her hair hanging sexily down and pleaded, "Oh, fuck me and spill your seed deep in my cunt." My cock was already twitching in anticipation of cumming in Ann's cunt. I moved behind her ass, grabbed her hips and guided my cock in her cunt. I took just a couple of deep fast strokes and buried my cock to the hilt in her sweet hot pussy and started unloading my come inside her. She moaned and grabbed my butt behind hers and pushed me even deeper inside her. Her constricting vaginal muscles squeezed the last of my come from my twitching cock inside her tightness.

I withdrew from Ann's sweet vagina and in an instant Jessica was behind her ass, her mouth on Ann's cunt. She licked and sucked every last drop of our mingled liquids from Ann's love hole and then turned Ann around and kissed her, the come still in her mouth. After that they said, "That's like the best cocktail ever!" and we all laughed together. Suddenly Ann said, "Hey, I wanna try that thing you two were doing just now too! You know, with my on top of him and doing that oral sex thing." Jessica answered, "OK, you're the student and it's time to continue our lesson." I lay on my back again and Ann quickly crawled above my head and sat on my face. I grabbed her thighs and put my tongue on her clit. Ann was caught by surprise and almost screamed a little, "AH! That feels good… Just don't stop!" and bent down to my cock. As soon as her breasts were laid on my stomach and her hands touched my cock, I was hard and ready again. I started licking Ann's clean hot pussy and flicking my tongue over her clit. Jessica was watching close by and instructed, "So first, lick the length of his penis and get used to the taste." Ann obeyed and I was again sent flying high. "Then, when you think you're ready, start taking the whole length in your mouth and after that you know what to do", Jessica said, sat on the bed, leaned back watching our 69 and started fingering herself.

Ann put her soft lips on my cock head and slowly started sliding her mouth down on my shaft. I felt her tongue against my pole as more and more of it invaded her virgin mouth. Soon my cock was deep inside one of these young hot blondes' throats again and I said, "That cock sucking ability must run in your family. Cindy and Kathy were just fucking great too, but you, my sweet babes, you are absolutely the best!" Ann took my cock in her hand, lifted head surprised up and asked, "So you're saying they too have sucked this dick?" They both looked at my with a disbelieving look in their eyes. "Sure, just a few hours earlier tonight. I even fucked their pussies and Cindy's ass", was my answer. "Wow", said the look in their faces. "Is that OK with you?" I asked. "Umm…" they looked at each other, eventually smiled and said, "Sure, we don't mind. Actually, that's quite a turn on, thinking about that your sweaty body of yours pounding their young blond pussies", Ann explained. "That's good to hear", I said and resumed licking Ann's pussy and clit. I pushed two fingers inside her cunt too and as a result Ann groaned with pleasure and dropped her head back on my cock, sinking it balls deep in her throat. I finger fucked Ann's tight pussy and sucked her clit like mad. Ann was in ecstasy and bobbed her head fast up and down, crashing her head against my balls on each stroke. Her throat was so tight and her suction was so hard. Meanwhile, Jessica was pounding her pussy and moaning hard next to us, watching our show. I pushed my fingers all the way to the bottom of her pussy and massaged her G-spot on the way out. Soon Ann's legs started trembling and I knew she would come any second then. She kept on sucking my cock in her tight throat and started her orgasm. I grabbed her ass and pushed her pussy on my mouth and sucked in all her juices. Never did she let go of my cock with her mouth during her wild orgasm; she just loved it so much.

When her orgasm was over I told them to lie on their backs on the bed. I told them I wanted to fuck their tits and then come in Ann's mouth. "Anything for you, stud", they said grinning sexily. I straddled Ann's chest and put my again raging hard-on between her firm white breasts as she put her hands on them, squeezing them tightly together. Ann's saliva and the remnants of my come were all over my hard cock, so it slid easily between her tits as I started moving back and forth. I fucked Ann's tits as she played with her hard nipples with her fingers, and opened her mouth for my cock head to slide in at the end of each stroke. After a while, I moved on to Jessica and did the same with her. Jessica pushed her soft breasts together and allowed me to fuck them fast and hard. She opened her mouth and sucked on the head on every stroke. I fucked Jessica's tits for a pleasurable while and told Ann stand on her knees in front of me. I pushed my cock between Jessica's warm breasts for a couple of times and then it was Ann's turn again. I stood in front of her and pushed my cock back in that lovely gap as Ann pushed her tits together tightly. I fucked her tits fast and furiously and was going to come soon. Ann encouraged me to splash my cum on her innocent face. She opened her mouth and licked my cock head as I fucked her firm melons and then started spurting my sperm on her face. It landed on her tongue and then she took my cock in her mouth. I pushed the head deep inside and felt it slip down the softness of her throat, spurting my come inside her throat. I grabbed the back of her head and kept her tightly in that position as she sucked and milked my cock and swallowed all of my come.

I lay back exhausted and watched the two angels lying there naked and smiling. Their legs were spread and I had a perfect view to both of their beautiful vaginas. Their hands slipped down to their crotches, massaging them slowly. Then Jessica stood up and climbed on top of Ann. She spread her legs placing her crotch on Ann's face and bending down to eat her pussy. Jessica's beautiful ass was in the air, pointing at me as they started licking each other out. Although I was quite spent already, nothing could have stopped me from going behind Jessica's bottom and making love to her fucking that hot pussy. In no time was I up and brushing my cock head against Jessica's pussy lips while Ann sucked her clit. I pushed my cock inside Jessica's wet, accepting pussy and reached the bottom slapping my balls against her clit and Ann's tongue. The feeling of her cunt gripping on my hard cock was mind-blowing, and it must have felt quite good for Jessica too. I caressed Jessica's lower back and her firm round buttocks and started fucking her pussy. Jessica moaned with pleasure and tongue fucked Ann's cunt and ran her hands all over her body. Ann kissed my balls and cock and licked Jessica's clit while the three of us fucked each other eagerly there, in Ann's room. Jessica's pussy was like heaven: tight, wet and hot. I kept sliding my tool inside and out of it. They were both unbelievably hot and horny and Ann was sucking our genitals like mad. Soon this double attention took its toll on Jessica and she started coming intensely. I fucked her steadily during her orgasm and felt every heavenly twitch and squeeze of her cunt on my pole. Once her orgasm was over, I withdrew from her pussy and placed my cock on Ann's lips. She eagerly sucked it deep in her mouth and swallowed Jessica's cunt juices from my cock. I fucked Ann's mouth feeling her tight throat clamp down on my cock head. Then I switched back to Jessica's pussy and pushed my cock through her blond pubic hair and all the way to her cervix, massaging her G-spot on the journey and resumed fucking her soaking wet pussy. I bent over her and took her breasts in my hands caressing their rock-hard nipples gently. Jessica lifted her head from Ann's crotch, turning it to her side and said, "Fuck me hard and make me come again! I love the feeling of having your cock in my pussy!" I did as told and fucked Jessica fast and hard. I squeezed her full tits and then pounded in and out of her slippery hole. The girls sucked each others' clits and Jessica had four fingers deep inside Ann's cunt. Ann came next and soon after that Jessica had another one of her orgasms. I fucked and fucked her harder and faster never stopping for a second. Eventually my balls began to tingle and I announced that I would soon erupt. "Yes, come inside my tight cunt!" Jessica moaned between her climaxes. I pushed my pole in her cunt and started my orgasm. The sperm flooding in Jessica's pussy triggered yet another orgasm for her. She screamed out loud and milked my cock dry with her cunt muscles. I slid my weary member the last few times between her soft pussy lips as our climaxes subsided. Finally I collapsed next to them exhausted, but happy.

We decided to take a shower, because we were all pretty dirty and sweaty from all the fucking. On the way to shower I remembered what Cindy had told me earlier that night about Ann and anal sex. I decided that I should give it a try and put my hand on Ann's ass and whispered to her ear, "Would you enjoy it, if I fucked you up the ass?" She looked at me with surprised bug-eyes and then smiled whispering, "In fact, I would! Would you really do it?" "Oh yeah, baby!" I whispered and put my middle finger in the crack of her ass. My finger found its way to her asshole and pushed lightly inside, causing a silent moan from her lips. As we walked to the shower, I kept my finger inside her and we both watched Jessica sway her ass at us completely unaware, smiling at each other. We got to the bathroom and agreed that I should take turns showering with them. Ann was first and I started the shower while she went down on me under the warm, running water. She worked her magic on me, sucking my cock rock hard, again. As she stood up, I asked her, "So you're ready to get ass-reamed?" "Yes, please", was her smiling answer and then she was posing her bottom to me, resting her upper body on the sink. She guided me, "Use the shower-gel as lubrication, please." I did what she asked and took the gel bottle and sprayed some gel inside her rectum. I spread some on my cock too and then put my finger on her anus. She shivered a little as I pushed my middle finger slowly inside. The gel helped its way in, but her muscles were gripping my finger tightly. I told her to relax her spincher and added a second finger. She relaxed and my fingers slipped easily inside, making a slurping noise. I finger-fucked her ass slowly and made her ready for my intrusion. When I could fit the three fingers fully in her ass, I removed them and told Ann to put her hands on her ass cheeks and spread her hole for me. She did as told and showed me her nice dilated asshole, ready for me to fuck it.

I placed my cock on her asshole while she spread her buttocks for me with both of her hands. I gently and consciously took my time, watching my cock head slowly and carefully sink inside her butt. With infinite care not to injure her tight ass, my prick pushed in, first the purplish-red head was half-buried in her, and then the head popped in completely, her red ring closed so tightly around my cock I had to pause. She turned her head to me and I could tell from her ecstatic expression that she loved this. Her pleasure encouraged me to push deeper. I slowly slid my cock back and forth and proceeded deeper and deeper an inch at a time to let her asshole get used to my pole. I watched silently as she moved her hips in rhythm with my strokes, willing it deeper and deeper. As she was doing the work, I just stayed there and kept my cock in one place as she pushed her ass back and forth, sinking my dick in her anus. Eventually, Ann couldn't hold it back anymore and pushed her butt all the way to my balls, making my cock disappear totally inside her asshole. I was breathless and quickly grabbed her hips, preventing her from escaping me and held her tightly, my cock fully imbedded in her ass. I almost came right then and there, but could hold it back for a little longer as I wanted this ecstasy to last as long as possible. I pulled my cock back until her spincher grabbed my glans and then pushed my cock quickly back inside her. I began to fuck her ass fast and hard, my balls slapping against her puffed pussy lips on each stroke. My cock went fully inside her tight ass on every single stroke. I fucked her hard and put my left hand on her buttock and the right one from under her pussy and rubbed her clit hard. Ann was moaning hard and caressed her own tits while I rode her anus. The water ran down on us and kept her ass slick and wet as the gel was squeezed out of her ass on every in-stroke. She threw her blond, wet hair from side to side as we fucked. Her firm, round buttocks shook and my pubic hair touched them every time I punched my shaft inside her ass balls-deep. I put my hands on her shapely thighs and felt her whole body shaking from the power of an approaching anally induced orgasm. I fucked her hard as her pussy began to spray her liquids on my thighs. "FUCK ME FASTER! I'M COMING!" she yelled trashing her head and blond hair all around. I fucked her steadily and kept her trembling body firmly in place as she came hard. Her spincher gripped unbelievably tightly my cock on the way in and out. I slowed my pace gradually as her orgasm faded away, but still kept the slow fucking motion on. Jessica was suddenly right there next to us and asked Ann, "Does it really feel THAT good?" "Oh, yeah! I always thought it would feel interesting, but never this good!" was her answer. "Well then I have to get to try it too!" Jessica said. As we talked, I was still buried deep inside Ann's ass. Jessica stood next to Ann and spread her ass for me with her hands, leaning a bit against the wall. I took the shower-gel and sprayed Jessica's asshole with slippery gel. I had my pecker in Ann's ass as my fingers invaded Jessica's rectum also. Her ass adjusted to the intrusion quite quickly and soon she seemed ready to get ass-fucked. Eventually, I had to withdraw from Ann's tight backdoor, only to fuck Jessica's. I slid out of Ann's resisting ass and lay down on my back on the floor.

Jessica straddled me and lowered her hips towards mine. I kept my hard, lubricated cock straight up as she put her ass on top of it. We looked into each others' eyes and shivered as the contact was made. I let her do all the work and do it the way she wanted it. I wet my thumb in her soaked pussy and put it on her enlarged clit. That made her relax and open up her backdoor. And before I knew it, my cock head was in her ass. Jessica sighed, "You feel so big up there!" Slowly, she got used to the feeling and started putting more weight on her ass and my big cock started to slide inside her anus. Millimeter at a time she pushed herself down as I flicked her clit with my thumb and squeezed her tits with one hand. Soon she was almost fully impaled on my sword and started slow up-and-down movements. My cock disappeared inside her butt and appeared again and again. I pushed three fingers up her vagina and watched in awe as Jessica's beautiful bottom crashed down on hips, sinking all of my seven inches up her tight, hot asshole. Right then, Ann said she too wanted a piece of that action and told Jessica to lean back a little so that Ann could eat her pussy. Jessica did as told and Ann crawled to our joined pelvises, sweeping her lustful breasts on my eager tongue, and finally placing her wet snatch on my mouth and kissing Jessica's dribbling cunt. Jessica began to pound up and down forcefully on my steely pole as I licked Ann's white nub and squashed three fingers up her pink pussy. Ann howled from pleasure and did the same to Jessica's love-hole. Jessica was in heaven too fucking her perfectly tight backdoor up and down my cock trying to force me to cum. She did it well too, for soon enough I started to feel that familiar stir of boiling cum in my testicles. I increased my pace on finger fucking Ann's hot, dribbling wet cunt, massaging her G-spot and licking her clit. After only a couple of seconds she slammed her hips on my face, ground her clit against my mouth and came forcefully screaming her lungs out. The chain reaction continued as Jessica came hard, pulling Ann's blonde head against her snatch. Jessica slammed her ass on my hips the last time as her mind blowing orgasm made her spincher grip on my cock tightly. That was all that I could take. I started to unload my jism up Jessica's tight ass. But before I could finish my orgasm, Jessica quickly jumped off of my shooting cock, and was even more quickly replaced my Ann, who slid her still dilated asshole on it all the way to the bottom. She increased the height of my climax and captured the last of my shooting sperm up her tightest of tight rectum. After we all came down to earth, Ann leaned back in my lap and let her body fall in my arms. As I held her, Jessica said, "Oh come on, lovers, let's get back to the bedroom. I'm gonna need a lot of sleep after all this." We agreed laughing, stood up went back to Ann's bedroom.

Chapter 4

It must have been about 5 o'clock in the morning, when I kissed Ann and Jessica and their hot bodies goodnight and left sleeping in the bedroom. I walked into the kitchen and suddenly stopped my mouth gaping open, my eyes not believing the sight before me. Just as I had thought that all this fucking would finally end for tonight, Kathy was lying on the table, bent down from her stomach flat on the table - completely naked. Her ass pointed at me and her shaved asshole was shining with KY around it and obviously inside her anus too. Her butt was so beautifully wide and firm and so purely white and virgin looking. Her head was tilted on the side and she looked at me saying, "Would you please fuck my ass?" and smiled an innocent 'girl next door'-smile. She continued, "I fingered and lubricated it, so I'm ready, willing and horny, just for you. Come over here and fuck me in my butt hard, please!" I just smiled and practically ran to her.

I released my throbbing hard cock and put it on her spincher. She sighed and told me to push it inside, all the way, and hard. I obeyed and pushed my eager cock into her accepting and willing asshole. It sunk in so easily between her buttocks, her hole caressing my shaft. I reached the bottom with a slap and she encouraged me, "Oh, fuck me, do my ass!" So I did, I started fucking her asshole with fast hard strokes and felt her tightness grip my invading cock. While I stood there behind her, fucking her hard and recklessly, she just moaned in pure pleasure and put her hands on her ass to spread her anus even further for me. That way, I got a better view of her ass being filled again and again with my pole. That got me even harder and made me do a series of fast strokes in her ass. She just moaned hard and wanted more pushing her ass back against my cock to meet my fucking motions. I pushed my cock balls deep in her rectum and kept it there. "I want to chance the position", I explained and lifted her on the mat on the floor. I put her on her hands and knees, still keeping my dick deep inside her. I put my legs on both sides of her back and grabbed her shoulders. I resumed my fucking and she lowered her head to the floor, because her hands were weak. But she still had the stamina to keep her ass up and push back to my cock in time with my punches in her rear hole. I kept on fucking her fast and hard and caressed her body. She told me, "Grab my tits and give it all to me! I'm going to come any second now!" So I did, I squeezed full tits and her nipples and rode her butt fast and hard. Her ass started trembling as her anally induced orgasm was beginning. I fucked and fucked her and lifted her high. She yelled from under me, "Oh fuck, I'm coming! Now!!" and her juices started spurting from her pussy and her spincher gripped my cock tighter than ever. Her increased tightness turned me on even more and I started feeling a volcano getting ready to erupt in my testicles. I pounded her anus with the whole length of my cock and she kept screaming on the throes of her continuing orgasm, spraying her liquid from her sweet cunt. I slid my pole in and out of her tightly constricting asshole and felt that fantastic feeling just about to reach an orgasm. I positioned myself back kneeling behind her bottom and fucked her orgasmic hot ass. Her juices had been spurting freely for over five minutes and then it was time for me to join her. I punched my cock in her ass for the last three times and buried it in her ass to the hilt and started coming. My sperm shot inside her and she came in time with me. I moved my cock slowly in and out her tight hole, while coming and showering her anus with my hot, white liquid. Her ass squeezed out the last drop of come from my penis and finally her orgasm faded too. We collapsed together on the floor on our sides, still connected. I kissed her cheek and held her tight without saying a word.




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